MEW Driveclub PS4 Racing Club - Season 2



I just missed out on sneaking into third place :expressionless:


Week 2 is up. You have your invites.

I’ve done it differently this time where the time I set just to create the challenge (you have to set a time) is basically me freewheeling.
I feel like chasing you guys this time :grinning:

Scotland this time. Bit of a longer course but still ok weather.

Have fun, and see you out there :+1::checkered_flag:

Our car

Track shots


If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap!


Sweet, thanks for picking the Mini @Entity. I’ve been driving the crap out of that car now going through the hothatch challenges.

So, I know this is not the general Driveclub discussions thread, but I have some observations. Is it just me, or is more than half the content locked behind paywalls and DLC? Like half the cars available I can’t unlock because I need to buy additional packs. And there is SO MANY of those challenges packs to buy? This looks very predatory, or am I just coming in with legacy content that’s been added through the years.


I haven’t felt that myself. A lot of the stuff is free, you just have to go claim them on the playstation store. I only paid for the season pass for R200 or something.
There’s still a few things locked but I haven’t felt like I’m missing anything. They mostly those special concept cars.


I also got a higher version of the game back when it was on sale (it goes on sale quite often). I don’t have the bikes add-on though…


Here’s the free things. You just claim them all.


Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ll go have a look at the content in the store and download those free stuff. Good to know most of it is actually free. I was getting worried that there were content that I would not get access to.

Also, I don’t know if i’m still the lowest level. I’ve gotten myself up to level 14 last night.


lol, then its me im still at 8…

I also got the season pass for the game, it went on sale and it was like 200 bucks for EVERYTHING…

Will get back online tonight and level up :wink:


This is one of the games with the best season passes IMO. It added so much content. Tons of cars and new tours to do. I also do have the bike expansion, but I suck real bad at it.


Wow, I have a bunch of free stuff I haven’t ‘bought’ yet… I did have a bunch from when I first got the game.


hmm, now I’m not sure of my position, did you beat my time from 2 days ago, or the time I set last night? (I logged on and i was 5th, ended the evening back in 3rd)

I’m also an Auto man, but i sometimes manually change gears. Manual is better, but i can’t get it right for a full lap.


Time set for new challenge. Might give the old one a last go today sometime, but I highly doubt I’ll improve my time.


Also not sure anymore. I set a lap last night around 18:30 and placed second just before @DieGrootHammer came and wiped the floor with us all.


Here’s all your levels, as at 5 this morning:


Dam… I need to up my game…


I should actually get the rest of the unlocks some time. Wonder how much all of them would cost. Going to calculate…


It would cost me R250 to get everything else. No bike stuff or liveries. Just cars. So in total everything is R450 for cars.


Another things Farlig is close to me with. Might as well level tonight to be ahead of him in something.


Do the new challenge before, then screenshot it :slight_smile:


I won’t be able to play tonight, sadly. Have other priorities to attend to.