MEW Driveclub PS4 Racing Club - Season 2



I see you all starting to put some times up already. Great stuff. I’m gonna stream myself doing my laps tmrw. Aiming for a 2pm start.


Last week’s challenge ended with me just managing to stay ahead to take 1st, @DieGrootHammer coming in in 2nd and @Grievous taking 3rd. @FarligOpptreden took 4th, @Deadlypinecone 5th, @Wlad 6th, @Tom in 7th and @murfle in 8th.

Well done to everyone who took part and thank you for taking the time to put in a lap.

I’ll update the leaderboard when I can :+1:


Times so far. Looking good :tada::checkered_flag:


So a couple of things I’ve seen…

At the start, keep an eye out for the green flags, the road turns to the right so if you are going to the right of the flag you should be good.

This yellow right turn is my nemesis! @Kwaai named it Consistent Crash™ turn because it took me forever to understand it and kept crashing the exit.

As you can see by the skidmarks :grin:


@Deadlypinecone do have access to this track? Obviously, seeing that you put up a time. I thought the PS+ edition only had India. Either way, that’s great that you can join!


Yeah I picked up a used copy on the cheap.

The PS+ edition is rubbish


Awesome stuff. Now we full steam ahead :+1::checkered_flag:


Latest times


Let’s see if I can hold my position until @DieGrootHammer has a chance to put down a time…


I’ll put down a time today and see if I can keep being competitive.


Updated leaderboard so far…





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Suck on that @murfle :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


ya ya…

Maybe I’ll drive off a cliff next time



If im honest im surprised I made it round the track in one piece… if you could drive off the cliffs i would be screwed :roll_eyes:


Oh, I wasn’t talking about the game :wink:


That’s so dark… :flushed: Are you sure you’re not from the DC universe? :smirk:


I better not be. Unless I’m Batman. Then it’d be ok.

Side note: Shaved off about a second from my time last night. Not enough :expressionless:


I still need to set a time for the new track… Maybe i can find time tonight after work…