MEW Driveclub PS4 Racing Club - Season 2



One of the best lines from Deadpool 2.


Current timings


I had trouble connecting to the Driveclub servers last night, so couldn’t try and better my time. I believe @Tom had the same problem.


Ye I did, Was so pissed, I only had like 30 mins and wanted to get a few laps in and it just wouldn’t connect…

Will have to make a plan tonight and get to the top of that leader board! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I wouldn’t bother, heard they going to have the same issues tonight.


Let’s see how it goes. If needed we can scrap this week.


No! I worked hard to be in second!




All Gold :grin:


No source, but don’t tell Farlig.


this would have been better if you were just ahead of him in the times :rofl:


I will be, as long as he doesn’t better that time he has.


I bettered my time by around 700ms tonight. Managed to break 2:10. :wink:


So the current challenge has ended. Thanks to everyone who took the time/managed to get time to put in a lap.

I ended up in first with @FarligOpptreden taking 2nd, 3rd was @Grievous, 4th @Deadlypinecone, 5th @Tom, 6th @Wlad, and 7th @murfle.

Congrats everyone :tada::tada::checkered_flag:

I’ll update all the leaderboards and post the new challenge soon.


This weeks challenge:

Starting at night going into sunrise, in light rain.

We’ll be using the slightly tail happy BMW

Shots from the track

Hope everyone enjoys it. This week is a bit more tricky, we are going to start lifting the bar a bit as we go.


Oh no!! The challenge ended? Urgh i didn’t get to post a time this week. Urgh. I’ll spend some time this weekend doing it. Thought I’d do a lap or three today, but alas.


Yup sorry groot. It’s a new one every Friday morning.


Noted. I’ll be better next time.


It says this car is unlocked at club level 6…what do I need to do?


Oh no. I thought I’d choose the lowest level car I could find.
That means you need to join a club that is at least club level 6. You can join mine if you want, I think there should be space. Otherwise I can start us a new one if there are others who also need.

Can start a Mew club :grinning:

Anyone else needing a club?