MEW Driveclub PS4 Racing Club - Season 2



Yes I need a club as well. I wouldn’t mind joining the MEW club


Done! I’ll leave my current club tonight and get a mew one going. Then I’ll do some tours and get it to level 6, and beyond.

There are only 6 per club, if we need more we can make more than one club.


I’ll join over the weekend and contribute to upping it’s level.


Cool. I’ll invite everyone who needs it, then it doesn’t matter what driving you do, it all contributes to the club.


Awesome thank you!


I really struggled with that little car, one mistake, and you will be slow around the next couple corners until you back up to speed.


Yeah, especially on the uphill.


Despite not being able to do the challenge, I had a great hour this morning! Im definitely getting the hang of the game better…


so who all needs to be in a club? There’s 8 of us but there can only be 6 in a club. I can jump between 2 clubs to get their levels up. A club of 4 and another of 3?

Or must I just ‘sort it out’? :grinning:


I can’t remember if I’m clubbed or not :expressionless:


I need a club. Currently not in one



Thanks Bro! I think its just Hammer and Myself, so maybe Start one with us 3 so long and if more need to join then we can go from there?


I see mostly everyone else is in a club. @Deadlypinecone let me know if you want to swop out as I see your club level is low still.
I’ll start building up the levels a bit. Let me know if I missed anyone out.


I see I can only start building up levels if at least one person joins.

Join someone :grinning:


Im at work… Will join as soon as im home…


Ok, we’re at level 6 and ready to go.

Also, I defended our honour seeing that some other clubs challenged us to races :grinning:



So now hopefully everyone can attempt the course with the BMW. I see @Grievous has already put up a time.

Let me know if anyone gets stuck :+1::checkered_flag:


Awesome thanks bro!


Look who I found :grin:


You honestly created the Dark Souls of driving challenges this week! At least I managed to hold first place for a couple of minutes, so it’s all good. I beat the time @Grievous set initially, so I called it a day. My hands were sweating profusely after setting that time and I had a headache from the stress, so I decided to just do some tour races instead.