MEW Driveclub PS4 Racing Club - Season 2



Yeah it’s a tricky one. But I do have a confession, I can’t see a thing when the race starts with it being dark, but a lap or two in the sun is up, so I just do the first 2 or so laps as ‘warmup’. Then I get into it.
But then after about 10 laps the sun has risen enough to be right in your line of sight. So there’s that sweetspot.


Current standings


I would just like to say fuck you @Entity

That is all


Ai ai ai, what did I do now? :grin:

Don’t worry, I curse my ghost also.


Current placings for this week.


I sent a request to join the MEW club. I don’t have the time to level mine sadly


Shaved about a second off my time. Not good enough.

I actually tried to drive off a cliff the other day, I was so despaired…


I found this track to be a little unpleasant


The track is fine. It’s the weather and slippery car that makes it hell. I tried and can’t beat the time I already set, so I’m just gonna leave it at that.


At one point I was so stoked the rain was subsiding just to end up with sun glare.


Exactly! When the sun is at a specific level you fly out of that tunnel blind… Then also the last corners along the mountain are filled with glare so you need to know the track quite well.


And no one thought anything of my previous post @Entity ?

This track has easily been the hardest of season 2, 100% because of the weather and time of day… That glare you get off the road at some points is so kak! :rofl:


Next one won’t be so bad, but there’ll probably be another bad one towards the end.

Times so far:


Not sure what you’re meaning @Tom

You suddenly caught up a lot @Grievous.
I make 4 mistakes on my lap that got that time so there’s space to improve. Will maybe try again tonight.

Yeah tricky track but good. For me I struggle on the sweeping bridges how they shift the weight of the car around awkwardly so you lose grip a lot.
I also for some reason always mess up at that left that has the big bonfire in front of you. If that bonfire was real I would have been in it with the car.

New challenge tomorrow. Any suggestions? Car type or something?



I’ll have to put in a rush lap tonight it seems.


It was weird, I didn’t think i had a good lap, didn’t realise till after I had improve by over a second. I loved the track this week. I like the fact you pretty much can’t get through without a mistake. Where as I found the last track relied way more on perfection, where this track is more about having a clean lap.

I also struggle over the bridges, there is a brief moment going over where you lose traction that gets me.

I don’t have any suggestions, you have been doing a great job and providing variety in the challenges. Thanks, appreciate what you putting into this.


Just ignore me lol, im bitching about how hard this F#cking lap is lol


Current timings. Well done everyone. Couple of hours left to go.


It was incredibly stressful claiming back second place last night. When I managed that perfect lap to get to 1:44 I decided to call it and immediately finished the event.


I must say, it is nice getting in early. Probably the only time I’ll have first place :slight_smile:

Edit: Actually, I meant “only time I won’t be last place”