MEW Driveclub PS4 Racing Club - Season 2



That’s the end of week 3. Here’s the final times for everyone.

As always, thanks for taking the time to put in a lap. I know it was a bit of a tricky one, but it can’t always be easy :grinning:

Here’s the standings currently after week 3:

Details of week 4 to follow…


Week 4 of season 2 is up and active. This time it’s a bit of a longer track, but also with a faster car with long high speed stretches.
The setting has snow, as requested by @murfle but is overcast so there shouldn’t be the glare from the previous course (you all do know that I put the glare in on purpose don’t you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). There also isn’t rain.

This is what we’ll be driving this week

Some shots from the track (In our club colours):

Report on what to watch out for on the course to follow…


Nice @murfle :grinning: I’ll see what I can do on this course when I get a chance.
Keep it up :+1::checkered_flag:


When I saw your time over 3 minutes, I thought “Oh great, its gonna be a long arse track!”

Then I passed your spun out ghost, and realized you weren’t trying yet :slight_smile:


Times so far. I’ll also try get a time in today some time.


Nice fast track. I know the car wants to slide when you put down the power, try to control it. I know it seems like drifting is fast but it’s not. If you’re sliding you’re not putting power on the road.

The main thing I saw was watch out for these rocks.

Also, you can cut this corner quite a lot to get a good angle, so try pushing your luck.

Otherwise, have fun. I enjoy the thunder rumbles. Wave to the crowd. They standing in the cold to see you :grinning::checkered_flag:


This is a really good track and car combo. My favourite so far!


I also enjoyed it! Need to get some more laps down though, its a fucking travesty if you get snow on your tyres though :joy:


Rather than Re-editing my previous post I rather just make a new one.

My rundown of the course…

On the first stretch, try and stay as straight :rainbow_flag: as you can, even though the road weaves, such that you end up to the left of the road ready to turn right…

On the right turn watch out for the edge of the bridge. You don’t want to know what happens when you hit that at speed…

Then when you are over the bridge try and cut the corner as much as you can without touching the barrier…

In the tunnel gradually move over to the left as the next corner is a right…

After the right there is the red left with the rocks. watch out, they jump out at you…

Then you have another right and another left with rocks, easy does it, then there’s a right that you can cut across quite a lot before you head past the barriers up the hill…

Up the hill this last corner is my nemesis. Very tricky controlling the car not to drift around it and the walls of snow are right there ready to pounce…

But otherwise it’s a nice fast track :slight_smile:


Best I got


Was away for the weekend and just got home. Too tired to put in a time now, but I’ll probably get around to it tomorrow or so.


Current timings:


I love how the exhausts pop and I love watching the wing do its thing.


Current timings:


I’ll try and better my time tonight. Have been quite busy since Sunday.


let me have one week.


I’d like to try man, I really would. My competitive instinct is kicking in and making my foam at the mouth and my eyes twitch when trying to exercise restraint. Let’s see what transpires tonight and if I can better my time… If I don’t I’ll commit to not doing another lap this week so you can take second place. Until @DieGrootHammer comes in of course…


Jip, seems so…lol

So, I turned off the camera shake. Literal game changer, as it was much easier controlling the car. I dropped 2 seconds on my time in like 2 laps. So 1 second to go to try and dethrone @Entity. But I loose you on that very first corner. You’re just too fast out that first corner. The rest I can make up time, especially with the first red corner. But the damage is done and you stay ahead.


Managed to reclaim my spot. Thanks for making me heave and scream in frustration tonight.


Everyone is putting up great times. Amazing driving skills all round.
I can feel you all breathing down my neck, so I suppose I shouldn’t tell you all that on the exit of that first red I actually hit the wall, unless you’ve seen it already. There’s a window to get 1st. I don’t think I’ll get a chance to better my time.