MEW Driveclub PS4 Racing Club - Season 2




Well then, I’ll have to step up my game then. I see even Entity posted a faster time.

Also @Tom why are you so slow? Did you get lost on the track?


I think he feels sorry for me coming in last every time


:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Im not so used to the fast cars ok!


Here’s the results for this week’s challenge. Great times everyone. Thanks for putting in a lap or few.
New challenge details to follow…


Here’s this week’s challenge details. Season 2 week 5. 2nd last week.

So I went through every car, every track, each of us, and looked at what levels we are and what levels are needed for everything, so everyone should be able to access everything from now on.

This week is a concept car, but it’s 4 wheel drive and we on a racetrack. The car is one of the free dlc ones, so you can grab it if you haven’t already.

The track:

The car:

The settings:

Pictures from the track:

Enjoy it, let me know if there are problems.


I just wanted to say thanks @Entity for all the work you put in organising this, its really awesome to have a goal for each week!

I thought i would have time this week to have a few more laps of that last track, alas i was mistaken…


Thanks @Entity, excited for this weeks challenge. Looks awesome.


No problem at all. It’s cool to see how we all tussle for positions. You all make me push harder seeing that most of the time you’re breathing down my neck, but I do know it’s just a matter of time before one of you catch me. But I’m ok with that. Good competition.


Awesome a proper racetrack. This should be good racing


Just put a time down for the new challenge. This is is my favourite one so far. Car handles the best and I don’t crash on every red turn.


Looking forward to putting down a time and getting @Grievous’ heart pounding again. :smile:


I can see myself throwing a controller this weekend.


I’ve got enough self control(ler) to not do that.

(Bad pun, I know)

Seriously though, I get extremely frustrated during the laps and I can feel my heart racing when I’m about to put down a good lap, but my hands end up sweating excessively to the point where I have to pause the game for a minute or so and get them dry enough to grip the controller again. No other game has this effect on me!


Here is the updated leaderboard. There hasn’t been a position change. 2 weeks to go.


Current times


Current times:


Wow times just running away. I need to get in some laps tonight


fuck this car


0.6 seconds. That is all that stands between me and @Entity now. The track it rather fun, but the car takes some getting used to. Must say with all my Forza training, I feel much more comfortable on the track.