MEW Driveclub PS4 Racing Club - Season 2



That means I’m up tonight. I had less than a second separating myself from @Entity.


Me too if I get a chance. Too close for comfort.


Yes you might want to race as well. The gap is now 0.1 seconds…


YES!!! First place baby!!! 0.89 seconds quicker than @Entity. Now we have a race on our hands.


Awesome stuff. It’ll be fun to chase :grinning:


I have been working the whole evening, so my attempt will have to wait until tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing if I can better my time. I think I’d be able to beat it, as I didn’t give it my all on Sunday when I set my last time. I managed to beat it several times in a row until I called it a night.


Current times


Holy hell dude!!! That is a blistering time!!! Wow. I have no idea how I will get more than a second and a half down on my time.


Ya thats madness… I was impressed when you took first!

I will put in a few laps tonight and see if i can get the hang of the car…

Ps: Fuck this car…


Nah you’ll be able to catch easily enough. I made many mistakes :grinning:


No no… I… Made many mistakes :rofl:


I’m struggling to get into this game properly. I just can’t figure out the physics/handling model and its completely throwing me off.


I’m personally loving every second. Back when I bought the game I binged on it for a couple of days, but never returned afterwards. When the MEW challenge started, I got back into it and have subsequently been playing it quite a bit every weekend. I even went ahead and bought the Bikes expansion and finished the main tour. Started on some of the other tours as well… It is officially my most-played PS4 game.


I think I need to try improve my time a bit as well.

If you look at my driver level you might think I’m a seasoned veteran of the game and these challenges should be a piece of cake. One look at my times, however, will tell you a different story. I do enjoy racing games but I am pretty terrible at them. I usually play them up to a point where I start driving supercars and then I have to give up since it becomes too fast for me. I struggled a lot with Drive Club at the start but then they patched in an easy mode and I could make a lot of progress with the tours. I also bought the season pass and bikes expansion and played a bunch of the extra content as well.


The second and third sector of the race I am pretty confident I am relatively quick. It’s those first two chicanes that are really tricky, especially in this car. The light being so dark also doesn’t help. What I don’t like too much about the track is all the blind turns. There are a few that are on a hill, which means you loose traction very easily when trying to go full throttle around those bends. And by the cars performance, it should be able to take them at full speed.


I couldn’t beat your time. I got within 140ms of your time and gave up.


No internet means that my time is also locked in place for this week. Pity I wanted to try and do better. I like the tight racing.


These are going to be the final times for this week. As always, thanks to everyone for putting in the time to put a lap in.

Next challenge is out with everyone invited. Post with details on its way.


This was a really great challenge. Definitely my favorite as well.

Also it seems like I should not at this moment aim to beat @Entity. It seems that @FarligOpptreden and I are very closely matched. He beat me the previous challenge, and I beat him in this one. I have now decided to declare him as my arch nemesis for the remainder of the season!!!


But… but… @Grievous has been my DriveClub bae since the very first season!