MEW Driveclub PS4 Racing Club - Season 2



Shhhh…don’t fight it. Just let it happen. Steer into the skid…


Damn, going to need to up my game for the next challenge. Didn’t find time this week to learn the track even though i think this was one of my favourites so far. It’s the 1st time I’m able to stay ahead on the 1st few corners against Entity, just can’t hold it together for the rest of the track.


To be honest I hated the car and the track wasn’t all that fun. The previous round has been by far my favourite. The snowy landscape around the track and Mercedes just worked so well for me. This week wasn’t nearly as bad as that slippery Beemer on the Norway track with the tons of glare, but it’s not my favourite by a long shot.


Time to try the new challenge. I actually like this car, use it a lot when I just want to drive around in the game.


Here’s all the details for this weeks challenge. This is the last week for Season 2!

The track:

The car:

The settings:

Images from the course:

Enjoy. Everyone should have access to the car.


Some good times already being put up :tada::+1::grinning: I’ll get to it tmrw probably


It was cool to chase you @Grievous. I’ve put down a basic time. Far from perfect, lots of mistakes, easy to beat. Have a go :+1:


Far from perfect?! I struggled my ass off just to get within 2 seconds of your time!


Current times:


Keep at it :+1: I’m loving the car though, it has grip for days when you accelerate, like especially on the last corner before the finish straight, you not even at the apex and you can floor it out of the corner.


Current times


Some more shots from the track



Only like 10 seconds off the pace lol…


:grin: awesome :+1:


Current times


Yes! Mwahahaha!


I thought that was for me :grinning:


Seems like I’m up for a lap or 10 tonight… That’s if I can get a report done in time. Otherwise I’ll have to grind tomorrow evening.


Finally got a time on the board.

I 100% did not bring the noise and/or heat.


You rejoiced too soon by the looks of it… Looks like it was Hammer Time tonight.