MEW Giveaways



Fantastic giveaways Greg!


So cool @GregRedd. Love the picture. Thanks for doing this.


Wow great stuff @GregRedd!


Awesome giveaways @GregRedd

Just one thing, I tried entering the Hitman giveaway but because I have the free prologue added to my account Steam Gifts tells me that the game already exists in my account (despite not having the full season)


Sorry about that. Was worried about that one when I set it up and the picture didn’t show. Couldnt find plain “Hitman” in the games list at all - the one I used was the closest there is. Am being loadshitted at the moment, potentially until midnight :slightly_frowning_face: Will have a look at it if power comes back earlier, else first thing in the AM.


Okay, so it seems I may have held onto that key a little longer than I should? The plain vanilla version of Hitman ( no longer has a price on its’ store page and can’t be bought, which I assume is the reason it doesn’t come up in the game lists on SG. It looks like the game is now only available in the GotY Bundle and I’m pretty sure that the key I have is not the full GotY version.

To avoid further confusion, I’ve decided to pull that one from my Giveaways and replaced it with a key for The Sexy Brutale instead. Unfortunately I now need to wait until one of the earlier GAs is won and marked as received before I can create a new one :expressionless: Soon as that happens, I’ll add it in.

Meanwhile, I’m going to ask Darth (if he doesn’t mind) to check if the Hitman key actually gives him anything…


The key works, added all the episodes and DLC. Thanks Greg!


Excellent! Glad it didn’t go to waste! Jingle bells are ringing early for you :grinning:


@GregRedd this is an awesome list of games!

Could someone please approve my Steam group request? Pretty please? @MetalSoup @SIGSTART @Solitude


Well done and thank you.


There is a pending request from @BlackSwan to join the Steam group.

What are the rules for joining the Steam group and participating in giveaways at this stage?

Is it maybe worthwhile to run two separate groups like before… one with an entry requirement for giveaways, and one without?

Or should we only have the one group for anyone we know from the forum, with an honour system that only people who are Level 2 or higher in Discourse’s Trust Level system may enter giveaways?


Now you need to install the free version of Hitman 2, then you can play all that content in there instead.


For what it’s worth, I think going back to a 2 tier system would be more pain than it’s worth to administer, and would split an already small group with very low response rates. There are only 50-odd people in the Steam group, of which only 30 are on SteamGifts. Of those, only 13 have made giveaway contributions. The average number of entries into the MEW giveaways is just 3.

Honestly, we should be doing stuff to encourage more participation, not looking for ways to restrict entry. Having the minimum Level requirement here as the entry point is more than enough. In fact, we should use the promotion to Regular as a way to reward and encourage folks to participate here.

I don’t know if the system can be set up to automatically send out a custom message when a user becomes a Regular as opposed to the default message, but something like this could be a nice touch:

Congratulations! You’ve just become a MEW Regular! Thank you for being an active member of our community. In addition to the incredible bragging rights that you’ve earned, as a MEW Regular you are now eligible to join our exclusive Most Epic Win SteamGifts Game Giveaway Programme.

In order to take part, or contribute, to the Game Giveaway Programme, you’ll need to do 3 initial things:

  1. Go here and add your Steam user name and profile link to the list.
  2. Go here and apply to join the MEW Steam User group.
  3. Go here and join SteamGifts with your Steam account.

Once that’s all done, and your application to join the Steam User Group has been approved, you’ll be able to enter any of the Giveaways created by other users and listed in this thread, and will be able to create your own Giveaways marked for the exclusive use of other MEW members.

My 2% of :dollar:


Oh cool, I thought I had to own the full season of Hitman 2 to do that. Will definitely do that


I have done that, but I find it very hard to tell the difference…

If you own Hitman 1 and install Hitman 2 it downloads all the files automatically! It is nice to have all the episodes in one place, but they should IMPORT the first game’s files rather than download them all again.If you own Hitman 1 and install Hitman 2 it downloads all the files automatically!


Right, Day 1 of my Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza is sorted, and thanks to @Flex’s speedy marking as Received, I’m now able to create the replacement giveaway. I’ve added The Sexy Brutale to the Day 9 Giveaways in the original thread, but for those that are too lazy to scroll up or click that link…

Still plenty time for more entries for the next 12 days.


Thanks for the cool initiative man


Day 2 winner is njardus aka @Avatar I’m hoping?!





Day 3 winner:
Wyvern77 aka @Wyvern