MEW Giveaways



All good, if all else fails we can sort it out with Steamgifts (think we have a couple of weeks)


Day 6 winners:

  • Mordheim: City of the Damned = FlexSA aka @Flex
  • Project CARS 2 = Yezzy aka @Kwaai


Well done to all the winners! And again, @GregRedd, you the man!


Thank you for the amazing game :smiley: (Feedback given)


@GregRedd managed to activate, thanks again.

VPN to SA sorted it out


Excellent, glad it’s sorted. Meanwhile, still haven’t heard back from Humble Support… :expressionless:


Apparently “Rest of World” ≠ Europe


Day 7 Winners!


Thank you very much, redeemed, and trying to make space on PC now XD


Thank you so much!


Day 8 Winners!


Thanks Mr Redd!


Day 9 Winners!!

  • The Sexy Brutale = @Flex (He’s been a really good boy this year!)
  • Forts = @PsychoFish (Hopefully this one works better than last time!)

That’s 13 of 26 games given away so far :grinning: Another 13 to go over the next few days. Still time to enter if you haven’t done so yet.


:christmas_tree::gift: The Day 10 Winners are here :gift::christmas_tree:

Just realized that I should have given these two away on Day 7 :neutral_face: Can’t believe I didn’t see the “7 Days” and the “Seven: The Days” bits until now. :grinning:


Awesome, thanks.


:santa::gift::christmas_tree:Day 11 of the Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza has 3 winners!:gift::christmas_tree::santa:

Merry Christmas to you all!


Thank you, key received.

A Blessed CHRISTmas to you as well.


Just Cause 3 XXL goes to @crzwaco! I’m sending you a PM with the link now!


Thank you Greg! Merry merry!


Awesome sauce thanks so much!