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Day 12 - Christmas Eve Winners:

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

* Wyvern, will PM the keys for Ground Zeros and Definitive Edition DLC to you shorlty.


Awesome! Thanks so much. Merry Christmas!


Thank you so much!!! Merry merry!



Christmas Day Winners

See, even the SteamGifts Santa :santa: knows who’s been really good this year! :smile:

Merry Christmas to you all! And whether you won anything or not, thank you for joining my Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza!



Thank you! Hopefully I’ll have less accidents in here than in Project cars :sweat_smile:


Thank you!!! Mad Games is the first to be installed :smiley:


thanks GregRedd


Any interest in a GA of the spare key for Tom Clancy’s The Division included in the February Humble Monthly?

Can’t do it through SteamGifts as it’s only redeemable through a UPlay Account, and can only be sent as a gift key link. If you are interested pop a reply to this post and I’ll RNG a winner this coming Friday (8 Feb) at about 8pm.

[GameClub] Game 8 Nominations

Ooh… I’m in


Swell. Lemme just double check if there’s potential region issues with it again…


I am in. Please add me


That is an awesome giveaway! Good luck to the guys - not me I have it already


I got it as well.


I avoided The Division mostly because of the feedback it got shortly after launch, then I just forgot about it


Okay, we should be good. There is Region Locking on it, but I definitely see GB on the list of eligible countries, and ZA is definitely there too, so it should be okay for @PsychoFish and anyone in South Africa.


Yup, same with me. Got convinced via a MyGaming thread, got hooked into their Discord group, now I am an Admin there :smiley:

If you want it, these guys can get you to max level in 3 to 8 hours…


I’m interested as well.


I know I said I would do a draw yesterday, but last night disappeared in something of haze. :beers:

Put the 3 names into the Random Picker a minute ago, in the order you entered:


The winner is @MetalSoup! Will PM you the Humble gift link key in a second. Congrats!


Awesome thanks!