MEW Podcast 0.1 sign-ups and planning

Continuing the discussion from The MEW Podcast:

Right! So the first time I tried this, many hard lessons were learned. The time has come to put our new knowledge to good use.

This time round, the structure will be tighter, there will be fewer guests per episode, and there will be firmer guidelines on how long someone has to make their point or tell their story. But all this shall be revealed in due course!

Sign-ups for version 1.0 of the Most Epic Podcast are now open.

Let me know whether you would like to join as a guest, help as an editor, or both.

Even if you don’t want to do either, you can suggest topics to discuss.

If you would like to be a guest, please also indicate whether you are available next week Monday from 20:00, Friday from 20:00, or Saturday from 18:00 to record.

Sample response:

I would like to be a guest on the Most Epic Podcast. I am available Monday, Friday, and Saturday evening.

The plan is to record a new show every two weeks, but it won’t necessarily be recorded on the same day every week. Ideally it will, but we’ll see how it goes.

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I’ll put myself forward to help with the editing if needed and as a guest IF there isn’t anyone else. I’ve already been on twice so give others a turn. I’ll be in the chat otherwise. I am available Monday, Friday, and Saturday evening

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I am willing to be a guest, as long as there is a discussion. It means we need to have somewhat contentious topics though.

I am available on Monday/Friday evenings and from Saturday 19:00


I would like to sign-up for guest appearances on the Podcast as well. I don’t want to help out editing just yet as I’ve never done something like that ever and wouldn’t even know the first place to start. I’ll also help contribute to the list of topics and discussions

Don’t worry, each podcast will have a very set list of topics to be discussed, and be tightly limited in terms of time spent talking per point to ensure the length of the podcast doesn’t skyrocket, as well as everyone getting their fair share to talk and share their ideas and thoughts.

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I shall be up for a guest - but rather keep me around for the not so serious stuff - I know I can ramble

I wish I could edit but I have no technical skills or knowhow.

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My grandma always said better late than never. Let’s schedule a recording of the Most Epic Podcast as follows:

Most Epic Podcast 1.0 details

Most Epic Podcast 1.0
When 2019-07-08T17:00:00Z2019-07-08T18:00:00Z
Where Most Epic Discord
Who ???
What Clearly not a podcast
How With the magic of the Internet


  • Available as guest
  • Available as member of the “live studio audience” (listen in, participate in peanut gallery in Discord text chat)
  • Available as editor
  • Available as moral support (downloader / listener)

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As much as I would like to, I might be an audience member only - I tend to work till 7 on mondays most weeks

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I’ll listen to it afterwards but I don’t think I’ll be able to solidly sit and participate at that time.

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Don’t forget the podcast recording tonight, @DieGrootHammer and @crzwaco! Still from 7pm to 8pm.

I’ll put together a runner for the show in Google docs and post the link soon.

(If you have any ideas for the show before I’ve got the doc up, please send them through!

Also: If anyone else has any ideas, please send them through!)


I will try to listen in! Remember to put up the “APPLAUSE” signs :wink:


I will have to give it a miss sorry guys, I will get home by 7:20, then dinner and cleaning up so nothing done before 9


Oh damn almost forgot about this. i’ll make sure I am home by then. I’ll start thinking about topics of discussion.

Some that comes to mind now:

AMD Ryzen launch
What are we playing
Games as a service


Don’t make it too long.

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Here’s the runner for tonight’s show. We actually already have more than enough to keep us busy.

@CrzWaco, I don’t have your Gmail/Google account address. Please send it through if you want edit access on the doc.


Looks good

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So professional! This is clearly not your first rodeo!


how can we join the pod cast will it be streaming on twitch or a other platform ??

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