MEW Secret Santa 2018


I also think I know who he was :stuck_out_tongue:


I see what you did there…


In all honesty I think 80% knows who your SS is :stuck_out_tongue:


I have no clue…


I know! :smiley: And it’s an awesome gift collection!


Neither do I.


wheres your unboxing video?! now we have missed all the glitter awesomeness and have to just take your word for it!


Hahaha! Videos are such a mission. Do not have to take my word. Look at the glitter in the Chewbacca box! =D


that doesnt look like that much glitter… i have see worse


This is going to be so much fun! Thanks, Mr-Mrs SS person :santa::mrs_claus:


I hope there’s more! Or at least more coming!


I’m sure there’s more coming @FriedPet. :slight_smile:


Massive thank you to my secret santa person! I am absolutely floored by your generosity. What a legend!



That is an amazing haul. Holy shit.


for all the steam giftees:

so you are part of the glitter festival :smiley:


WOOOT!! XMAS!!! It came early this your and it came all over my steam library :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks SS!!


I hope we get to see some pictures :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow. What a list.


Too graphic, ganna have to do some cleanup before I can post pictures. :stuck_out_tongue:


This thread warms my heart. :smile: What an awesome tradition. Long may it continue!


Wow now that’s properly done!