MEW Secret Santa 2018


Damn… That’s massive.


Now you understand why I do this each year. I honestly don’t care if I get a pair of socks or a blank notebook. Its more fun to stalk your SS and find that something amazing or special even if its just something that has been on their wishlist for years.


It has arrived…


I’m getting the last few things and will have mine on the way as soon as possible.


Looks like I might have dodged the glitter bomb this year


C’mon, it’s been a hour. THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING US


Hahaha! It’s still sitting on the table. Will do the unboxing a bit later once I have bomb dismantling kit sorted


Expecting a glitter 'splosion?


I always do, lucky there was none this time


Ok, I managed to slap something together quickly…


Haha very nice! I like the dramatic music. :smiley:


You get 10 points for opening on a black bag

your SS gets - 10000000 points for no glitter


Hahaha, that was legit, kitty ftw :cat:


Yep, looks like Kitteh enjoyed the show.


Love the video :sunglasses::+1:


A Most Epic unboxing soundtrack if ever there was!

I’m thinking kitty is sitting there thinking “why the hell are they pointing that camera at my pitiful hooman’s belly when I’m sitting right here? Do they still not accept my superiority? I’m going to have to place a furball upchuck just here so that they’re reminded.”



he prefers to leave them on the bed…


Thank you very much to my SS for the glitter. It was exactly what I wanted this year.

The figured that came with the glitter is just as awesome! Thank you to whomever you are. I didn’t even though you got Star Wars figures like these and they are epic.


How’s the car? Glitzy and glamerous? :smile:


My seat has this faint purple tint thanks to all that glitter. I don’t know how but it’s even on the roof inside my car. How??