MEW Secret Santa 2018


It’s mutated to an airborne virus. Like I said, I’m exhaling the stuff as well!


Ok so my SS parcel was delivered at my office today. I will not open it here, I will do it at home where I can protect myself if this trail of glitter on my desk is anything to go by.


Aslo, do you lot know how difficult it is not to tear open the parcel at the office.


do it, then it’s the office cleaners problem :slight_smile:


yea the office cleaner is me! :stuck_out_tongue:
So neeeeeeeeeee


Fun fact: I’m almost 95.6% sure that this is officially the most liked post in MEW history…



On the Fist day of Christmas my ss gave to me,

Now I can finally be happy and sad at the same time


Whomever my Ss is… I loooove you!

So much glitter

So much awesome

And the happiest floof ever.

Just busy trying to edit the vids


Thanks to crappy interwebs . . . .It will take a while

Some teaser photos

(red circle looks wet but is all the glitter)


Open the last pic to see aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal the glitter - he still have glitter on his coat this morning


Did the book survive the glitter?


Great gifts! Enjoy Mistborn, it’s an awesome book!


Awesome @Wyvern! Your got great stuff!


Yea no glitter in the book, my phone and myself and Mika the wonder floof is a different story



Net vir jou :smiley: luister met klank - sorry but I spoke afrikaans


Hy werk nie…


Thanks need to see how to change the settings


Awesome pick! Which one is it though? The entire original trilogy?


The first book :smiley: