MEW Secret Santa 2018


Also new link


Nope, still not


I am gonna scream


Post your settings here maybe?



Had to reupload it

something went wrong
now its happy


Very cool. I laughed at the end :slight_smile:


Not going to lie - “Mika and the Chicken” needs to become a weekly episodic web series. That’s comedy gold right there! :smile:


hehehe honestly I was sore from laughing so much, my SS won with that gift.

Everything else is amazing, but the chicken made my day


happy to see more Sanderson apostles here



and very deservedly so, seeing as you are patient zero to this plague :stuck_out_tongue:


Now you understand the need for the video - photos didnt do the glitter showers justice.

as for mistborn, I will give it another try…


You really should. Ek dink jy sal Era 2 baie geniet


Love Mika and the chicken.


Hahaha that ending is best


is dit fokken @Nimatek wat horisontale videos neem?

EDIT: Ek bedoel vertical.


ok i only heard its your mom now. She is forgiven.



I love my mum, but she is technically challanged.



my vrou het gefilm toe ek myne gedoen het. toe ons begin het sy ook die foon vertical gehou. Ek het onmiddelik 'n stop tot daai kak gesit