MEW Secret Santa 2018


Lyk ek soos 'n tourist soutie?!?!?!

Next gaan jy vir my gooi met 'n selfie-stick ne? :rofl:


Don’t go insulting souties!


sal my nie se nie!

Besides, i did say “tourists” not just any soutie :slight_smile:


Googling around for thumbnails for the JHB MEW meetup video and came across this. Enjoy.


That is a lot of glitter.


Geez! You’re gonna have a glitter tree grow in your yard I think…


Dude the amount of glitter in my bedroom, my bed and my dog, still, is amazing

All thanks to Mika the floof who got covered and spread it out all over


My Secret Santa’s gift is finally done! Now to wrap it unnamed


This is a gentle reminder for all participants to please send our their gifts - those of you that have sent - please remind me :stuck_out_tongue:


Just a reminder that I sent! :smiley:


Im super excited :grin: cant wait


Hoping to get mine complete and sent off today.


Mine has also already been sent :).


Mine has been sent


Where is my Secret Santa at. I will spare you the guessing of what to get me. I have found it.

Thank you.

Edit: On special too by the way…


BRB making R2k.


I have sent mine too.


I just finished wrapping mine, should post it by the end of the week

Im actually going away on friday till new year, so i hope my SS gets to me this week, if not then i shall have to get it next year!


Dag nabbit! My poor boot…

Edit: It actually looks worse in person


bwahahahahahahahaha what did you get?