MEW Secret Santa 2018


Some electronic sensors, I posted them a couple weeks ago.


I forgot ok :stuck_out_tongue: As long as you happy :smiley:


Sent mine as well, but you did show me that you sent it as well.


mine was sent yesterday @Wyvern :grin:


Mine was sent out somewhere between November 25th and December 20th


Im leaving next froday so also hoping to get it before then😂


Hopefully everyone has sent by now or will send before the end of the week. It’s the main reason why everything was done so early.


That is what I am hoping for :smiley:
Hence the nugde - Just for the physical gifts. The steam ones can be sent till 25Dec


Sent <3
(10 chars)


Gift sent = true
Gift received = true
/end MostEpicSecretSanta_DieGrootHammer


Gift sent = true
Gift received = false

Did I do this right?


Only if you didn’t want to receive a gift.


so I must change it to true for received?


while (GiftReceived == false) {


No, but the last line implies that the secret santa event has ended for you.


A sorry been a long day yeah just saw the end.



while (!GiftReceived) {
  // do stuff


$ grep gift glitter


$ tail -f /root/.ss-gifts/gifting-progress.log


My box has arrived. I told my work buddy I’ll bet him R50 that the outside of this package is going to be all glitter. Guess who is having free lunch today. I will be saving this one until I get home.