Most Epic One Hour Challenge Official Thread

Welcome to the official MEW One Hour challenge. The rules are simple: you have to play one random game from your backlog for one hour. After that one hour, come tell us about the game. At the end of your post, you can classify whether or not you will continue on with the game, or stop playing.

The purpose of this challenge is to try and get more people playing some of their older titles in their backlog. When they tell others about their initial experience, it may help us all to know which games we should or should not play.

Each week you only need to pick one game to play for one hour.

Have fun!!

Edit: If you want a fully random picked game, try using the What Should I Steam website to pick the game you play (thanks @Blazzok) :

Okay, so the first game I am picking is Last Day Of June



^ has decided that I will be playing Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf. Looking at the reviews, I’m in for a bad time.

I will have to download it overnight

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Ok so here is my randomly selected game to play an hour of. I wonder if I can even get past the tutorial in an hour?


This is my random game.

Updated July 7 2017
Coming Soon!

Option to filter games by playtime.
Option to filter games by OS.

Typical. The two options I really need… I have retried 20 times and have only gotten things I have played, or don’t run on linux…

Also, can’t seem to turn off autoplay on the videos, bah


Will give it a shot

Guess I’m now paying the price for having lots of filler in my Steam library…

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This will be interesting…

It’s a tough game, but pretty cool.

Right, I shall start.

Game: Last Day of June

How was the first hour: Well, I didn’t really know what to expect from the game. Ultimately the first hour is the setup of the story. the game is very story rich, and would even be considered as more of a narrative experience than a game. Not much input from the player as the game sets up the story, with the odd key prompt or some basic movement of the characters. But the first 30 minutes is vital to set up the story. And the story is good so far. Really good. Very emotional, and very sad. Think the first 10 minutes of Up, but with more car accidents.

So after the setup, the game starts, and you are tasked to change memories in different ways as to save your wife. You get to relive each character that leads up to the fatal accident. There are multiple different ways in which to solve the puzzle each character memory poses, and some may even influence the next. So it’s a very interesting puzzle solver/walking simulator/narrative experience game.

The art style is gorgeous and unique. It’s like playing in an oil painting. And the music is beautiful and poignant.

Would I keep on playing the game: Yes absolutely! I’ve got to find out how the story ends, and I kinda like the memory aspect of the game. Thumbs up from me!


It sounds very “To the Moon”-ish.

Yes there are similarities. I can see Last day of June really pulling a fast one and making me all emotional and stuff.

I only have 4 xbone games. I didint get into Quantum Break so will give it an hour

Little bump to keep this fresh in the minds of the peoples

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Started my 1 hour with Quantum Break.
Resumed where I left off in November


Okay, so I started Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf and I played roughly 20 minutes of the game. It’s crap. The writing is bad, the graphics are horrible (which isn’t always a bad thing, but here it is), the music does not fit the environment/atmosphere of the game (it is supposed to a horror type game).

The only thing I liked, was the main menu song which actually sounds quite good (you can listen to it below).

If I had to give it a score, it would be 3/10. I’m also not a fan of horror type games, so someone else can gladly give it a go, but I won’t be spending another 40 minutes playing it.


60 mins of quantum break ended up at just over 100.
I picked up where I left off in November. Something to do with a university project being stolen and the main character involved in some sort of chrono accident meaning he can manipulate time.
I loved the way you get to make decisions on how the rest of the game will play out. Action is good and I’ll prob finish the game.

I’m really losing out not having wifi as you skip a whole bunch of movies - I have heard it’s 60gb in total for the game.
My review was posted whilst exhausted, but in a nutshell I am loving the game.

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