New beginning, new name

Starting afresh gives us a chance to decide on things together, including something that’s usually locked in long before a site launches—the name.

While gives me a laugh, it could wear thin after awhile.

What do you think might make a good name?

Next challenge - the name must have a corresponding domain. You can do bulk domain searches through registrars like, if you need to go shotgun on name ideas.

I’ll go first—

I registered way back when, and am willing to donate it to the cause if ya’ll think it will make for a name that will last. is a great name. I can see why you registered it. Are you alright with donating it though? is an interesting name but will take a bit longer to get used to. :smile:

Greetings fellow migrants.

I really like, but I’ll have a think about it too. offbeatgamer sounds a bit, I don’t know, off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm, I’ve been trying to come up with different names to try and search, but is just better than any of my ideas. I’ll try and come up with additional ones. is cool, but a bit of a novelty name I feel.

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I have to say I like - especially since we all are a little off beat and silly in our own ways.

No issue so far with the name. Maybe a few questions.

  1. Do we specifically want the word “game” with any of the endings in the name?
  2. What do we represent? Depth of interests etc…
  3. Do you want to grow the brand beyond just a forum/blog.

Oh those are some really good points you are making. It is important to know exactly what our aim is.

My suggestion would be that we are gaming-centric. We are connected via our mutual love for games, we play games on different systems and for different reasons, but we all play games. As long as the context of anything we do is surrounding that idea, it should be great. The work “game” in the name should fit that idea then.

I also like the idea of it being gamer centric. However it may even be more geek centric and so include more people… well in a sense. Or it can be an all out general forum that mostly targets gamers?

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I like as well, but since Soli is mentioning “perhaps more geek centric”, something like could also work (if there will be gadget discussions, toys, etc.)

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Just looked up the dictionary meaning. I think it fits actually.

offbeat - adjective
unconventional; unusual.
“she’s a little offbeat but she’s a wonderful actress”
synonyms: unconventional, unorthodox, unusual, off-centre, eccentric, outré, idiosyncratic, strange, bizarre, weird, peculiar, odd, freakish, outlandish, out of the ordinary, Bohemian, alternative, left-field, hippy, zany, quirky; avant-garde, novel, innovative; informalwacky, freaky, kinky, way-out, far out, kooky, oddball; informaloff the wall, bizarro

Nice! Blockquotes look awesome. is taken already, but there are many other options in that vein (like Sadly, is already registered as well.

Hey hey, quite liking the new look, albeit temporary.

I quite like offbeatgamer as well and I like the whole retro gaming feel of the site.

Another couple of name suggestions I have is

  1. GAME & GEEK
  2. Gamecentric (although now that I have it written down I don’t like the look or sound so much)
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Was in the shower and bouncing some ideas around, what y’all think of names:

This could work in a few ways, specifically if we branch into YouTube/Twitch streaming and podcasts. Not to mention the name itself impkies a hub for games.

Gamers Platform
The idea is that of a train platform, all aboard the gamers train… No?
The idea of playing games and not platforms, to have a neutrality between games without being segregated between different platforms of choice.

The idea was that of a circuit board, kind of an 8bit styled logo. I know Glordit was good at creating those.

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Hi BeoTeK

Good thinking.

GameStation is a definite no-no though. It was a game retail chain in the UK.

Sorry, being stuck only on mobile I didn’t do much digging or homework before posting.

Hey, no need to say sorry. You are thinking about things and coming up with ideas and that’s good. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I also really like com. I reckon the dictionary definition of offbeat sums up the (current) community quite nicely.

I love the current name! I love the random Rhino as well! ! !

i think Epic Win is brilliant and catchy also i you have a better chance of people stumbling upon epic win than offbeatgamer or off beat geek, i think epic win will resonate better on google search results which could lead to more traffic to the site which is what we want, im sure people are searching more for keywords that include epic and win (hell thats charlie sheen’s catchphrase epic winning).

lets keep epic win :slightly_smiling_face: