Voting for a new name meta discussion

Continuing the discussion from New beginning, new name:

Thanks for all the feedback guys! Once the details are finalised and the technical transfer has begun, there will be a public vote on all the name suggestions to give everyone currently on MyGaming a chance to weigh in as well.

I will act as tie-breaker and veto of sillyness like

Your feedback on the voting process will also be appreciated.

One person one vote (easiest)? Weighted voting? If we weight, do we weight by post count, registration date, activity score, or a combination of the above? is the most awesome suggestion. I vote for that one :joy:

One person one vote is the fairest. Maybe some arb post requirement like >100 posts.

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As someone who lurks more than contributes, (‘oooh you can see who else is typing a post while you are busy nice it was you czc’) I think a weighted approach is best what factors need to count should be up to you and the Mods

I do not think posts. I think more like having been part of the community is much more important.
Having been on MyG for a year or longer I think you should have a vote

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That was my thinking with the >100 post count. It would mean that you would have been a part of the community. But yeah definitely somehow a part of the community. Like participated in a [mygame] etc…

So I got 0 vote? :frowning:

Exactly! :see_no_evil: But you’ve got so many posts! You have participated, you’ve posting plenty of information in the hardware threads.

:thinking: Have you ever nominated a game? What type of games would you want to be played? The current ones not to your taste?

Time is a factor :frowning: Wanted to do the previous one. But difficult to commit with a little one in the house

Right, it’s been a while and I haven’t seen any new naming discussions being had, or new ideas for name coming up. So, with no objections, I will take all the current list of name nominations for this new community and add a poll to this thread. Lets get diplomatic and start voting, shall we?

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That sounds good!

Also my vote goes for

i vote for

every gamer needs a good beating off


Haha (10 characters)

yes create the poll, let us vote!


There are a lot of folks who are participating in the Secret Santa and stuff who have not been invited yet. Can ya’ll send them invites and bring them up to speed, so they can vote too?

I can invite Saint_Dee — pretty sure I have his email address on file somewhere.

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And the breaks have been applied

Unfortunately I don’t have the emails of anyone else. There’s a couple of regulars who aren’t here yet but I have no means to contact them.

Send me names - I will see who I can invite and then we can take it from there - the lot of you on whatsapp can get the peoples details and invite them that way? I can send steam messages?

Sorry, this is my bad. I didn’t realise just how many people we are only on contact with through MyGaming.

Will share the names via private message.

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Personal question, but what are the hosting and running fees? are we going to be a self funded forum where we chip in monthly?