Voting for a new name meta discussion


I like
I like the Rhino, no matter what name we decide on, we must keep him, no idea why, but i just like him, maybe we can “geek it up” a bit by making him look a bit more like a dragon or something.

Abreviated looks like MEW which is just plain awesome.


Thanks for inviting me! Tell me where to vote and I will vote! Love the layout and tech here so far! Curious, what forum backend are we using here?


Its discourse.


Its good! :wink:


The name Most Epic Win is growing on me. It kinda encompasses the geek culture of it all. I just realised as an acronym it will be “MEW”. Another symbol of geek / meme culture is typically lolcats. So, what about incorporating an illustrated / vector lolcat as the mascot or logo? Possibly even the heavy breathing lolcat?

Mew with a lolcat?


OK I think we’ve allowed enough time for invites to spread to everyone for whom we have contact details. Shall we do the voting now (i.e. Thursday-Friday), or wait until the new year?

If everyone is around, I see no reason not to proceed, but if some folks have gone AFK for the December break already it might be best to vote in January.

What say you? Do you know of anyone who won’t be able to vote if we do it now?

  • Vote now!
  • Wait until the start of 2018

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I’ll close this poll tomorrow and call it then. IMNSHO there has to be a quorum of at least 50% of the currently registered members, of which at least 75% must agree to vote now, otherwise we postpone. Or is that too onerous a requirement?

If the vote passes, @DieGrootHammer can do his thing on Friday! (In the New beginning, new name topic).


It looks like a lot of people are away? Or should we tag them to come vote?


I would do it in the new year - lots of us are all over currently?


Still getting use to this layout and completely missed this discussion.


Well, according to the rules of The Grand Poohbah we shall have to postpone the vote until next year. There is no decorum, the vote fails.


It’s maybe better that way. It looks like a lot of people are already away. Or they just forgot about this forum. The swine.


Hey, I’m still here. :pig:


Haha I’m glad you are still here.


That’s good to know for when @DieGrootHammer creates the poll in the new year — I/mods must make a special sticky post drawing attention to it.


I have discovered a limitation in the design of the simple like button. It needs a way to indicate “I see what you did there”.


The poll shall be created in the new year then. I will make sure I’ve got all the name suggestions consolidated and ready to go.


Ja, compile a list now and post it here so we can lull it over, dream on it, discuss it with our loved ones and then make a vote early 2018.


Okay give me a few minutes and I’ll have the list up and running


Right, welcome to 2018 everyone! It’s time for that “new year, new site” vibes, and we need to bed down who and what we are here in this community.

There are currently two trains of thought; either we use this site going forward, and we’ll need to come up with a name and logo and stuff, or we keep the old MyGaming. Below is a poll you can vote for your choice. You’ll see there are two options for MyGaming, one where we rebrand Discourse as MyGaming, and another as one where we keep MyGaming. Vote for your choice in the matter

Now, remember that, if we decide that we go with Discourse, MyG won’t be switched off immediately. I imagine there will be a period where the site will redirect to here, or have some form of post stating we’ve moved.

So, here is the poll for you to vote on the name we’ll call ourselves:

  • Gamecentric
  • GameStation
  • Gamers Platform
  • Gamersboard
  • Most Epic Win
  • MyGaming (New Site Name)
  • MyGaming (Keep Old Site)
  • Gamers’n’
  • Geeking.out

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Next steps: Integrating MyGaming and Most Epic Win

Are we allowed to use the old site name however? I can’t remember if @SIGSTART said anything about it.

I was very keen for change last year but this morning I feel like maybe we should just continue with the old one if we are able to. :slight_smile: