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yes Jan got the greenlight to take over the MyG franchise


Confirming that I got permission to continue using the MyGaming name. So, as per @DieGrootHammer’s poll the options are:

  1. Keep MyGaming as-is (with a few tweaks to decouple it from MyBroadband).

  2. Change the name of this forum (MEW) to MyGaming.

  3. Change everything: name and forum software.

Once that is decided, there are a few other nitty-gritties to handle:

  • If we use the new forum software, we should still try and preserve the posts currently on MyGaming.
  • We can either import them here (I’m thinking a special archive category, with all the old posts locked);
  • Or I can preserve the old forum posts in a static site, which will then link to the new forum.

This is to try and avoid a massive drop in traffic in addition to a loss of history.

I’ve got a few other ideas kicking around so we don’t lose the brand MyGaming has built up in the South African market over the last nine years, but still get to use a new name. Once I’ve had a chance to think through it a little more carefully I’ll bring it up for discussion.

Forum layout and structure

Only 15 votes cast, we still need a few more people to weigh in on the matter. I’m tagging all the users. If you’ve voted, thank you, and just ignore me.



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Right, 67.56% of all users have voted on the potential name and future of the site as per the poll. Remember to make sure your vote is in!!


Anything with the word ‘game’ in the title and I will be blocked at work.


A lot of people have the same issuse which is why I like MEW - plus MEW!!!

Logo and visual identity redesign

It’s the reason I fell out of mygaming in the first place - don’t want that to happen again - I like the company throughout the day


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Logo and visual identity redesign