Oltman writes reviews

So, with permission from The Grand Poobah and requests from a whole lot of you (mostly @GregRedd) I will henceforth be linking to reviews I write on here.

A short background: I used to write reviews for El33tOnline, a local gaming site that did really well in surviving as long as it did. Lisa, also known as Madame Editor, had to close the site as it became just to hard to be a full-time mom and a full-time gaming journalist. It came at the right time for me too as I also started a new career and would not be able to commit too much time to contribute.

Fast forward a few years and I am now freelancing for Pennyworthreviews.com. I call it freelancing because the game is free and I use my pen as a lance… well, I type and don’t write with a pen… but freetyping sounds lame.

So, in order to serve you with some reviews (and getting a bit of free marketing for our little site) I am allowed to post my reviews here.

First one is MXGP 2019 reviewed on XBOX one.

Please feel free to review my reviews and give tips and comments in general.

Next up is NBA 2K20, Fifa 20 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


Glad to be of service. My work here is done.


NBA 2K20 Review on PS4:


FIFA 20 review on PC:


Ghost Recon Breakpoint Review on PC. Was such a hard game to review. I really wanted to like the game but no matter how hard I tried, it kept on being bad.


Whoops, I have been slack in posting my reviews!

PGA 2K21 review now up. A GREAT game!


Oltman with the punny word plays :grin:

FYI - Your Twitter link at the bottom of your posts over there lead to your old, not entirely pc, account…


And the posts need some sort of share plugin applied so that we can share your words of wisdom with great ease and efficiency.


Thanks, I was told that by others, hence why it no longer exists… even though it was never meant as any insult. But now I need to change it everywhere else too :smiley: Thanks for the heads up!

And a great tip about the SHARE button :wink: Will pass it on!


Project CARS 3 review is UP!