Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

So the gaming gods at From Software just teased their newest project at The Game Awards.

Nobody knows what it is (yet) as the teaser shows practically nothing and only three words. I’m hoping it’s Bloodborne 2, but there is lots of speculation going around that it might be a news Shadow Tower or Tenchu game. Either way, I’m probably down since it’'s From Software.

If it is indeed Bloodborne 2, let’s hope it’s at PSX this weekend. Although the trailer does not show anything about Sony or Studio Japan so I’m guessing it’s not a PS4 exclusive which Bloodborne 2 will be.

Here’s a video I found about Shadow Tower (and sequel):

A first person Soulsborne could be either really good or really bad.

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Man I’m really hoping it’s Shadow Tower, because Bloodborne 2 will be another From game I won’t be able to play.

Haha. PS4’s are not that expensive anymore. And Bloodborne alone makes it a worthwhile purchase.

Away foul tempter!

Man I hope it’s Bloodborne 2!

Thread revival!

Game is out tomorrow and the reviews are looking good. Currently sitting on a 92 average on OpenCritic.

Who’s getting it? I know I am, either from game sharing or by trading in a handful of games.

Going to BT in a few minutes to see if I can trade for a copy. :smiley: (Failing that I’ll look to the internet to help me out).

Any other Souls fans getting this? @Solitude @Blazzok @Hiro @Beo @Talentloos

not at this point. saving money

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I’d love to get it but also not at this point. Saving money for a trip later in the year.

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I also don’t have money for it, but it’s FROM SOFT, I NEED it. Taking like 10 games (which I really don’t want to trade) to see if I can get a physical copy.

yeah see some of us know what is more important in life at certain times.

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Exactly. Sekiro is more important than the handful of games sitting and gathering dust.

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Yeah more important for me to have a savings account.


yup, i got it and its bloody brilliant!!!


Fair enough, but the game didn’t cost me a cent. I don’t even have a cent to spend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe i should also go trade in some games. I have a whole cupboard full of them.

Just do it!!

Time to start dying! :smiley:


Enjoy! I’m jealous.

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For some reason I am very intrigued by this game. To the point that I might just give it a go. But not now. Only later perhaps with a special. But I’ll definitely give it a go.