Star Citizen

MEW Star Citizen Roster

MEW Name SC Handle SC Org Ref Code* Citizen #
Sweepslag Whiplash-1 Freedom Guards STAR-TRLC-G4YD 36851
Blazzok Fillie Imperium STAR-4X9X-NDFV 56549
SIGSTART Sigstart - - 111013
Crzwaco Crzwaco - STAR-HS2J-YYX4 201728
GregRedd GregRedd Inti Universal Enterprises STAR-JMG7-6CDD 538781
Oltman MrOltman - - 641100
Dragonic Dragonic87 - STAR-Q554-PJDJ 1057307
DarthMol DarthMol - - 1204498
Nosferatie Nosferatie - - -
Shrike Shryke_ZA - - -

So yeah… Star Citizen. It’s stirred up more than it’s fair share of controversy, but I continue to be a backer and loyal supporter. Over the past few years I’ve managed to get a few people interested in the game, and so far they also seem to like what they see.

If you have questions and can’t be bothered to check the official site for info, feel free to ask away, or just drop in to discuss.

I’ve created a couple of Youtube channels where I upload gameplay footage, sometimes with commentary, sometime just to share a cool bit of footage. Links below.

Feel free to have a look and send me some thoughts.


Do you honestly believe this game will come out?

Yes. In fact, you can play it already. It’s simply a new definition of early access. The only question is whether they will be able to eventually deliver on the promised scope, which let’s face it, is massive. But I’ve seen nothing to make me think the people working on this are anything less than serious about making an awesome game.

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That probably sounded a bit negative. I was excited about this game. But the hype train has derailed years ago. I really hope they do pull it off eventually. I agree I don’t see them hitting the scope of what was promised.

I think they can deliver on it, it’s simply a question of time. I don’t know whether it will fulfill everyone’s expectations, but then, which game ever has?
Either way, I’ve played pretty much every build they’ve released since day 1, and it’s pretty cool to see how the alpha has grown and changed over the past few years. If nothing else it’s an opportunity to see a game being built and have a chance to play it at the same time.

From that video of yours it looks like a very pretty game.

The scope is huge but they did raise a lot of money. But as we all know the bigger the scope the bigger the budget required.

Indeed it is. :D. By the way, can you see the link to the rest of the channel? I tried to link the playlist but it always shows only the most recent video in the list.

The scope got bigger mainly because CIG raised more money much faster than they were expecting to. Hopefully it will be enough to allow them to finish the game.

Do you know if the are working on updating more and more ships? Seeing as the game is so late and the old ships are over 2/3 years old. I own the 300I that I got a long time ago.

Yes, there are plenty or reworks happening for older ships. The Aurora was updated for 3.0, the Mustang is being reworked for the 3.2 release in June, and the 300i is being targeted for this year as well. It’s a very popular ship and many people have been asking about it.

Some cool screenshots I took a while back, of the icy moon Yela and its gorgeous rings.


Introduced my brother and nephew to some Constellation plus Ursa Rover multiplayer action today. What a blast.


Love making timelapse videos.

Looks cool and all but dam this game need some more colours :smiley:

Any idea when the next big update will be?

What kind of colour are you looking for?

3.1 release is scheduled for end of March. The plan for this year is to have a quarterly release with whatever features are ready at the time.

The ships needs some colour in this fast space where everything is silver and gray , Just look at those space suites its bland gray and some more gray.

There are ships that are plenty more colourful than those I use. The suits are actually desert brown, you just can’t tell from the lighting in that screenshot. They’re also the base issue that everyone gets; there’s a quite a variety of suit options and not all of them are as bland.

Cool to know.

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Fan art? Not seen that one before.

Yeah some fan art from a while back.

This one is probably one of my fav.


Epic. I love the 300i; sure hope the reworked version keeps the general shape intact.