Star Citizen



This gives me the idea that they’re getting the pipeline tools and processes sorted, and content will start getting into the game a lot faster…

The first straight to flight-ready and in-game ship, the Valkyrie. No preamble, no long drawn out concept sale, no hints or leaks that it was being worked on. Just “oh, and here’s a new Anvil ship. And it’s ready to use right now.”


If this doesn’t launch by the end of Q2 2019 I honestly don’t think it will realistically become an actual thing


The roadmap up to Q2 2019 is already on the website. And no, it won’t launch by then. Why is that date significant?


It’s effectively the “Duke Nukem Forever” tipping point, past June 2019 the chances for success drop off sharply. I don’t want to see this fail, however the longer they stick around without attempting a commercial release the less chance they have to be commercially viable.


I don’t think that’s a fair comparison, but OK. You’re welcome to your opinion.


Allow me to elaborate… they had an engine change already. Granted it was a bit of a lateral shift. They’re 6+ years into development of a title which everyone, including Roberts, calls “extremely ambitious”. What’s also killing them (besides a massive feature backlog) is scope creep.

So you basically have a perfectionist trying to complete something extremely ambitious with new ideas that keep getting piled on and older cool ideas not being introduced quickly enough with looming pressure to release a title into a genre that’s extremely limited, while trying not to fall too far behind from a technology perspective and ensuring that the “final” product is not crap. All this is happening and people are still throwing buckets of money at the project.

Very few titles have been commercially successful after being in development for longer than 4 years. The viability drops off sharply after the 5th year and chances of success is virtually 0% if you go past the 10 year mark.

Some notable examples of ambitious games :

APB - Development started in 2005, was ultimately released late in 2010. It was an ambitious project attempted by industry veterans. They overshot their budget, failed to do any of their promised console releases and ultimately bankrupted the studio.

Daikatana - Development started around 1997. Ultimately released in 2000. Backed and developed by John Romero, industry veteran with massive hits like Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake under his belt at this stage. It was such a big failure it actually forced Ion Storm’s Dallas office to close.

Duke Nukem Forever - Development started around 1997, released in 2011. Several engine changes, studio changes, multiple rewrites.

etc etc etc


Fairly decent summary of the CitizenCon highlights from LevelCapGaming.


3.3 PTU is now open to all backers. So if you have a game package and feel brave enough to try an extra buggy build, give it a shot. I plan to try it today sometime to see if Object Container Streaming is doing it’s thing.


The CitizenCon keynote speech is on YouTube. The other panels should follow soon.


My first 3.3 video!


The new Mustang is utterly gorgeous.


No comment needed.


Lol at that FOIP it’s cool but so funny.
Also, how is performance looking?


The build is very buggy but performance is unbelievable. I’m getting 40-50 fps at Olisar, and over 60 at quiet spots. YMMV, of course, but it’s a huge improvement.


That is great to hear man.


Tony Z’s panel is on YouTube. He’s the persistent universe mastermind.


Video posted on the new flight model.


Meet Recco.


You have to watch this one. It’s flipping amazing!


So pretty…