Star Citizen



Took the Cutlass for a spin again. I just love this ship.


Took the Dragonfly for a spin. Yela at night is amazingly gorgeous.


Some video evidence of the event. Crusader looms on the horizon again…


Yeah I took the Prospector to Yela and landed on the night side. Looks awesome. Then I forgot to go try again last night and thus didn’t get to try the avenger, or the Dragonfly. Question, how do you get a dragonfly into a ship that can take it. Coz I tried spawned the dragonfly but then when I spawn something else it goes away.


Excellent question! If you wait until tonight, I’ll upload a video on it, but the short version is: you spawn the ship, fly to an outpost with a vehicle pad, and then spawn the vehicle from there.


“vehicle pad”?? Que?

Is that any outpost that has a defined landing pad that you could land a ship on? And are the terminals to call a vehicle obvious enough to find, or are they tucked away inside one of the outpost buildings somewhere?

If your video answers those as well, sweet! Post that thing already!


Soon as I get home. But to answer your question, the bigger outposts have a building with a smaller landing pad for spawing vehicles. It’s normally off to the side and highlighted in blue.


And Port Olisar does not have these? Even though I can spawn the dragonfly?


You can spawn any vehicle at Olisar, but as you mentioned, you’ll have issues getting both spawned at the same time. If you spawn a vehicle but don’t immediately board and fly it, it will despawn after a time. There’s also the problem of the two vehicles probably not spawning on adjacent pads, so now you have to run off, get the hover bike, and get it back to the ship before it despawns.

The whole exercise is just made that much simpler by flying your ship to an outpost, landing off to the side (not a landing pad because again, your ship might despawn), and then spawning your ground vehicle from the provided building and pad.


I had a glance back through my older screenshots, and I found two pics that show what you’re looking for. I circled the building in question; it’s the one marked Platinum Bay.


Ah, cool. It only spawns vehicles, no ships?


Correct. You cannot currently spawn ships at outposts, even though you can see them on the terminal screen.


Aaaaaah I see. Thanks man :smiley: too late for me now. Will wait till the next free fly lol.


No worries. Hopefully the next one lasts a bit longer. A weekend is a bit short for peeps that want to try the game out, especially at our broadband speeds (or lack thereof). :smiley:


Here’s the video I promised; I reworked it a bit to include the spawning.


So: quick heads up for those who are interested. Next week Wednesday ( October 10) will be the yearly CitizenCon presentation. The keynote speech should start at around 8pm SA time. This is normally the part of the show where Chris Roberts demoes new upcoming gameplay and features. There are also plenty of other interesting panel discussions; the show runs for the whole day, but being US time we’ll be asleep during most of it. Everything will be uploaded to YouTube afterwards though.

If you would like to watch the keynote live, go to the link below. You just need to create an RSI website account.


Livestream happening here:


First trailer for Squadron 42 arrived yesterday.


It’s looking better and better. Haven’t watched that presentation yet, but see Chris Roberts said they’re confident enough with things to probably put out a formal Squadron 42 roadmap in December. And, holy shit! Those Vandul look incredible!

Things that made me happy just this morning:

Mark Hamill’s pinned Tweet:

And Henry Cavill!

I’m probably still more excited for S42 than the Star Citizen universe, but the updates in 3.3 have me really keen to start getting more use out of my ships, and more involved in the PU world.


I know, right?! Total WC fanboi moment right there!

Will post links to the rest of the stream as it becomes available. I haven’t watched much of it yet.