Star Citizen



I did a quick capture while walking around Grim Hex. Such a cool landing zone, even more so at these frame rates!


I witnessed this fascinating little interplay between an Avenger and Cutlass one evening at Shubin Mining on Daymar. The backdrop and musical accompaniment made it seem almost like a ritual dance or ballet or something… Beautiful!


From the little I’ve had a chance to see, a3.2 is looking very good. Busy downloading now and will hopefully eventually be able to get my joystick connected and working for a little look around tonight.


Cool. Let me know how you get on. I need to check whether I’ve added you to my list of contacts… You can now add another person to your party in game by walking up to them and using interaction mode. Party members get a handy HUD marker so you can easily find each other, and also get automatic access to each other’s spawned ships.


Was going through the monthly Studio Report for June and was struck by how good the Squadron 42 main character models are looking. The report includes this image of Gary Oldman’s character head:

My a3.2 download is done, now to spend a bit of time trying to sort out the controllers and then hopefully be able to mess around with it over the weekend.


Yep, looking good! Another shot that got my attention: First look at one of the new moons (hopefully) coming with 3.3. Magda, one of the moons of Hurston.

And the F8 Lightning is just a thing of beauty.


That is just… WOW!


A good day for some mining, I think.


Time for some more scenic screening. Mountaintop views, long shadows, and literally staring down the barrel. I also think my Aurora looks badass with the UEE Distinguished Service skin.


Some snapshots of Crusader taken from the polar regions.


It does indeed! Where is the skin from?


I bought it in the pledge store ages ago. It’s still available.


A timelapse video of the polar region of Crusader.


FYI, for anyone who may be interested in trying out the latest build, there’s a free fly weekend incoming. I will post the link once it’s available.


'Tis here:

Try Star Citizen for FREE (August 24-27, 2018)!

The access code below grants you access to Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 from August 24th until 27th. Explore the universe in several ships and vehicles: dogfight in the Avenger, bust rocks with the MISC Prospector, haul freight (or steal it) with the Cutlass Black, and live dangerously in the Dragonfly.

The code also gives you access to the dogfighting stage Arena Commander, and first-person shooter Star Marine.


In the past, existing users could also register the code and get access to the same ships, so you may want to one or two of those if you don’t have them. I’m going to try using it to see if I can try mining, hopefully on Sunday.


Cool! Yes, will definitely grab those as well. Mining is good fun.


Also just seen there’s some discounts on Starter Packages as well at the moment:

A Starter ship and access to Star Citizen @ $35:

A Starter ship, access to Star Citizen and Squadron 42 @ $55:


Oh yes, I want to try the Propspector and the Dragonfly.


Those hoverbikes are awesome to drive.


Been doing some prospecting. I really enjoy mining :slight_smile: