Star Citizen



It’s PTU though; these servers tend to be less busy than Live. So far performance feels pretty similar to the previous patch.


Ah bummer. But it’s still “early” the performance work isn’t done yet according to the roadmap so I’ll hold thumbs.


There’s lots more performance work to be done, but I don’t think anything significant for this patch. Object Container Streaming together with Network Bind Culling in 3.3 is the big one.


Ah i see, so September it is.


Some 600i exterior view goodness.


The 600i looks incredible. Definitely a work for it in-game reward for me.

I see you posted some Hurricane pics yesterday as well? What’s it like? It looks pretty damn formidable. Is the turret linked to the nose guns?

And what about mining? Have you had a chance to try it yet? That’s the big inclusion for me in 3.2 - the mechanics of first iteration of the first physical occupation after the cargo system.


The Hurricane turret needs a second person to operate; it isn’t slaved to the pilot. It flies beautifully though. I have not yet tried mining, but there are tons of videos up already from people who have. Will give it a go in the next few days, probably.


3.2 PTU is now open to all backers, so if you have a game package, you should be able to play the latest test build.

This is not the Live release yet, so you have to use a different launcher and effectively install a parallel copy of the game. Definitely not recommended for everyone.


I generally wait for the live release instead. But that’s good to know.


Shouldn’t be long now; probably a week until Live. End of June was the target date.


Yeah and they promised to stick to Quarterlies. What they’ll probably do is release it on Friday anyways, and then just patch out the bugs like they did in 3.1.1/3.1.4, especially now that the delta patcher is working so awesome.


Might be Friday, might be next week. But I agree there will likely be some bugfix patches as was the case with 3.1.


My brother and I, testing space bikes and new weapons. This Kastak Arms Scalpel sniper rifle is a monster.


Also took some screenshots of the brand new reworked Avenger Titan. Beautiful!


I finally managed to test mining gameplay out. Good fun!


And the patch is now Live for all backers.


oh yes! Time to download and play for an hour and shelve till 3.3 lol. That’s just how I play. I don’t wear myself out for it eventually releases. But I like to test as they update.


It’s a good patch, this. Performance is way better for me. It feels more polished too.


My brother went gaga over this set of armour the moment he saw it.


Did a quick test this morning. Yep, performance is much better. I’ll test tonight and see if I can Quantum travel again.