Star Citizen




Do you ever run into other players?


All the time. There’s a 50 player cap per server currently, and the EU servers are pretty busy.


Finally got an invitation to meet Mr Eckhart.


A few quick shots of other players running around the verse. Met the one guy while I was buying stuff at an outpost. We went out the airlock together and then he took off. I saw the other back at the spaceport about to get into his ship.


This time lapse video from 3.1 is amazing:

300GBs of in-game video, 2 weeks of recording and editing, 2 hours to render the final 6:45 video, in 4K at 60fps


Super impressive! Wow, the time it must have taken to get that footage…


Grav lev… It’s flipping magnificent!


As a backer who has pledged a “mere” $60 or so, this is one aspect of Star Citizen I still don’t understand… a $27,000 pack to access all the content in the game.


With that money you can either buy Star Citizen, or use the same amount to buy a PC that can play it at 30 fps…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Some people have more money than sense… You can be sure this package was made available because someone asked for it.

One should not spec a PC according to the performance of an unfinished alpha game… That would be yet another money-vs-sense example.


I’ll just wait until my $45 backing comes to fruition.


Agreed. Us poor schmucks can’t really afford to do much else, anyway.


Not mine (I wish I had the skills!), but just too good not to share:

Taken in Alpha 3.1 by Star Citizen’s screenshot king, Mr. Hasgaha. Check out his Flickr page for high res versions ofsome of the best Star Citizen screenshots available.


Alpha 3.2 is in testing. Meet the Anvil Hurricane.


Testing out the new quantum travel feature that lets you travel to surface outposts much quicker than before. Your flight computer now calculates a trajectory of travel that takes you around the planetary body close to your destination. Very cool indeed!


Also got some new pew pew toys to play with.


The stunning new Aegis Eclipse stealth torpedo bomber.


The interior of the new Origin 600i. Welcome to the lap of luxury.


WOW! That looks epic! I could see myself in one of those.
Also that landing stance on that Eclipse dou.

You know what else I see, 36fps. that’s good to see.