Star Citizen



Panel on the art and tech of Hurston and the city of Lorville. Very cool this one!



That was very entertaining to watch!


Glad you enjoyed it! I certainly had fun making it.


Lol. “A spatial anomaly”? More like a facial anomaly, amirite?!

For a first pass iteration it looks excellent. Small bit of lag here and there, but I assume that’s camera frames related to some degree? The eye blinking - or rather the lack of blinking - definitely needs some more work though. They should put a randomly timed blink animation in the interim.
What’s your new camera?



I picked up a Logitech C270 HD from Takealot. Blinking actually works perfectly, I just need to calibrate the camera better.


Visited the rest stop station tonight. Video coming later.


And in other news: This just in from the 3.3t patch notes:

New Features


  • Activated Teach’s Ship Shop functionality.

You can purchase a ship via interacting with ships on the shop floor (similar to store displays). Ships on the shop floor can be opened, explored, but not flown. Players have been given additional funds to test this feature.


That’s a pretty big step. Am assuming it’s more a “renting for the duration of the patch until we wipe the servers again” situation than outright buying and keeping in your hangar though surely.


Sure, but that’s true of all the equipment you can purchase with ingame currency. At least now you have the opportunity to work towards trying out ships you haven’t bought with real cash, which is a big incentive to keep playing.

I will see if I can try out the ship shop tomorrow and let you know what’s what.



This is awesome! The feature I’ve been waiting for.


You got that right!

By the way, here is the list of what they currently have for sale, along with prices. Just so your ingame wallet is prepared :smiley:



The day brings more good news for Star Citizen fans! Guys, this is potentially huge…


Woot. I’ll save up for a Dragonfly. My Aurora MR is ok for now, a LN would be nice though. Prospector is a long term goal lol.


Finally caught sight of one of these bad boys!


That is massive :open_mouth:


Mandatory “That’s what she said!”


Well, let’s just put things in perspective, shall we?


Sheesh, nice chart and damn that Javelin is massive. Also, still no 3.3 :frowning: