Star Citizen



Well, 3.3 PTU is open to everyone, so you can try it if you want.


Lol nah, I’m impatient but not that impatient. I’ll wait, except it’s no longer start of Q4 lol.


Finally got a peak inside Teach’s while it was stocked! Some issues with ships not being there at times.


Here is the video footage of my visit to the ship shop.





Watch for the heat haze.


Patch 3.3 has gone live for all backers, so if you have a package, jump in and check it out. Patch notes here:

Also, the very cool telemetry page CIG demoed at CitizenCon is now online. It displays all the data they gather from people playing, and allows you to compare your system’s performance to the recommended specs as well as other players’ machines.


Going to start my download now. Look forward to seeing you “around the verse” -insert expansive arm wave here-

That performance tracker tool looks bloody ace! And if I’m reading it correctly, almost half (45%) of the players at the moment are getting 50-59 fps and over 80% are getting 40+ fps. That’s very positive.


Download from 3.2 to 3.3 is about 11GB. As for the tracker, it’s nifty right? You can switch to 3.2 on the graph for comparison. Over the last month, only 12% of people playing 3.2 got over 40fps on average.


Probably a lot more than 11GB for me. Did a fresh Win10 install and reformatted my drives a week or two ago so need to do the whole thing again. I’m a patient fellow. :slight_smile:


Ahh… then you’re looking at 40 or so.


Started my download but will probably pause and resume during the night and give it a spin tomorrow eve.


WOW! When you sign in, and get up from your bunk bed has always been a slow process for me since 3.0. And over time my FPS would go up to 10-15fps. Imagine my surprise when I get up and everything feels sped up. 60fps like a boss, running around still hitting 55-60fps with random drops to 45 here and there.
Great progress CIG!


You actually got in? I’ve been getting 15006 errors for two days, along with most of Europe apparently.


Sounds like the 15006 errors are also spreading to the US servers now. Wasn’t it a long-weekend in the States? Pretty sure they’ll figure it out soon - bit pointless collecting data from 3.3 if so many people can’t get in. Unless they’re just going to shoot for a 3.3.5 live release as quickly as possible and not bother too much with 3.3 issues. That would work for me too seeing as I can’t do much until the end of the week anyway :grinning:


I mean… I’ll happily live with login errors if it means I can get here sooner:


Heck yes. Apparently 3.3.5 went to PTU last night for subs and concierge. The Avos only had it for a weekend, so they seem pretty confident in the build.


I see there is only 2 items still in Development for 3.3.5 I honestly thought they would skip 3.3 and go straight to 3.3.5 lol