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I thought so too at one point. I don’t think 3.3 was intended to spend a whole month in PTU.


LOL, this!


Also, are you guys telling me the 60FPS is only because no one is on the server?


Not at all. The performance difference is real.


Looks like the 15k error is fixed. I just got in first try. Dang, 60 fps feels goooood.


I thought this was pretty awesome.




The BIG annual Star Citizen Anniversary Promotion begins in a weeks time. Running from 23 November to 1 December with a full Free Fly week for the duration. Ships from a different manufacturer will go on sale each day, and all of that manufacturers flyable ships will be available to everyone with an account for that day - whether backer or non-backer.

To celebrate the release of Hurston, Star Citizen’s first explorable planet, and commemorate our anniversary, we’re launching a Free Fly event of unprecedented magnitude.

From Nov 23 through Dec 1 you’ll have the chance to try out every flyable ship and operable vehicle in the game for free. Here’s how it works:

During the promotion, anyone can join Star Citizen’s Persistent Universe for free. You’ll be able to experience Star Citizen first-hand, but to get out there and start exploring, you’re gonna need a ship.

Starting on November 23rd, every day, a different ship manufacturer in the game will make its entire flyable fleet available for a 24-hour test flight period.

Complete schedule of the Free Fly dates and ships is here:


In terms of the actual Anniversary Ship Sale, this will run in tandem with the Free Fly event:

2948 Anniversary Special

Each day of the event, a different ship maker (or makers in some cases) will be featured, with all of their wares available to you until the promotion’s end on December fourth.

November 23rd - Anvil Aerospace
Complete your Hornet collection with that elusive F7C Wildfire, and stick around to see what new tricks Anvil has up its sleeve.

November 24th - Roberts Space Industries*
Exercise caution when checking out the recently released Constellation Phoenix. The interior is so plush you may never make it out of the bar. And there’s a lot more to see.

November 25th - Origin Jumpworks*
The self-proclaimed “sexiest corporation in the 'verse” might surprise you this year with more versatile options on offer than ever before.

November 26th - Aegis Dynamics*
Guns, guns, guns! If it’s hardcore ordnance your after, Aegis’ full collection of heavily-armed bruisers has something to scratch your itchy trigger finger.

November 27th - Drake Interplanetary*
Word around the hangar is that Drake will be bringing their A game to the event this year. Power to the people, indeed.

November 28th - Exotics and Imports
The latest and greatest from Xi’an and Banu ship makers. And the meticulous craftsmanship of Esperia to boot.

November 29th - MISC*
Always wanted to expand your hauling empire with a full compliment of bulk transport hulls? If shipping and industry are your game, MISC is the name for you.

November 30th - New Manufacturers Showcase*
Check out the latest from relative newcomers CNOU and Tumbril, and stay for the best of the rest.

**contains limited-stock inventory

Remember, the Anniversary Special includes complimentary test flights of every operable ship. Try out all of the above manufacturers’ inventory on their respective featured days. Have fun and fly safe.

Unlike the ships available in Free Fly for just the day, the ships on sale will be available for purchase from the day they’re released through to 4 December.

Remember also that the term “Sale” in Citizen-speak means “will be available for purchase” not “discounted”. There may be some special bundles and packages available, probably even some discounted Starter Packages, but don’t expect every ship to be on discount just because they use the word “Sale”.


And the $200-million funding mark? I reckon that’s going to be smashed through before the Anniversary Sale even starts :open_mouth:


I’m keen to give the game another go during the Free Fly week. I played it a few years back when there wasn’t all that much to do but now with there being actual planets you can visit it should be fun to try.


I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by both the performance and stability improvements. Hurston and especially Lorville city aren’t quite ready for prime time yet, but hopefully they can squash the remaining issues by end of next week. I suspect 3.3.5 will go live to coincide with the free fly.


I’ll just leave these here for you consideration…


That’s it. Screw this flu and this marking. I’m going in tonight.


That’s the spirit! PTU is open for everyone up to Wave 4, by the way.