Star Citizen



Damn Sweep, you’re killing me here with all these great screenshots and videos! Despite my best intentions, and thanks to dodgy internet the last 2 days - thanks Vumatel! - I still haven’t managed to sort my self out. Think I’m going to hang on for 3.3.5 to go to live release (presumably before Friday’s Free Fly?) and see if I can get a chance on the weekend.


Tempting, isn’t it? :grin:

Hope you get things sorted. This is going to be a stunning update. Based on how it currently performs, live by Friday should be easy.


I’ll have to move some files around to create some space on the SSD for the test week or is it fine on normal HDD?


Trust me, you don’t want to run this off an HDD. Free up 50GB on the SSD.



Savannah in the daytime… Video to follow later.


Saw this


Don’t bother installing that PTU, folks. 3.3.5 is LIVE!


Epic! Thought it would drop on Friday. And only 2.4GB nice.


Went for the article, stayed for the comments. What can I say? The bleating whine of the FUD merchants amuse me I guess.


I prefer not to read those anymore. I’m just hoping that the eventual feature complete game will be enough to shut these people up.


It probably won’t. They’ll just change their tune to something about “be thankful because there’d be no game if they hadn’t put all the pressure on CIG, and besides, it’s really shit and not worth the $Brazillions spent on it.” or some such kak.


You’re probably right, which is why I try and shut out the negativity and just enjoy the game, plus the development process.


Okay, updated and just couldn’t resist having a quick look. No idea how to check or equip my ship properly at all. Took me ages just to remember how to strafe up to take off :slight_smile: Took me 10 minutes to figure out how to select a destination, then a bunch of time to quantum to Hurston, only to slam into the planet at an advanced rate of speed and explode. :smiley:

10/10 will crash again soon. (Presumably because I crashed and died, when I log in again I’ll respawn back at Port Olisar and need to travel back to Hurston again?)

Loved the 30 minutes I had. Need to figure out the controls and work out how to do some basic setup things, but I can see the attraction. Managed to grab a screenie as I came out of quantum:


Nice! Sounds like we need to meet up for a catch-up… My brother and I are planning to jump in sometime tonight, if all goes well.

Plus, I could always do a few very quick how-to videos on common features. Any suggestions on topics?

Edit: before I forget, there are actually some very nice tutorial vids on the website, as well as a growing knowledge base:


Do some real basics to start, I think. Targeted at the all the new free-flyers. How to get new armour, change your ship load out, overclock components, how to use the mobi-glas, how to navigate. Real basics, 2-minute clips.


Sounds like a fun idea! I’ll try and get on it asap.


So, as suggested by @GregRedd, I’ve started a new playlist on my channel with short tutorials on how the game works. Feel free to leave comments and feedback. Lots more to follow as I finish making them!


Hey will they have black friday sales?


Just finished watching them now - I like them! I learned stuff. Like how the hell to stand up back up after sitting down :blush: Pressed, held down, double-tapped the F key after sitting down in the train at Lorville last night all without response. Almost landed up getting trapped in the train for the return journey.

Couple of random questions from my half an hour last night… Anyone who has thoughts, feel free to jump in.

I eventually managed to reach Lorville and landed my Hornet in the allocated hangar. (After much difficulty! - bloody tricky and twitchy thing to get through those hanger doors without smashing into something!) Had a little walk around, took a train to the Metro Center and then logged off for the night. When I next go back into the game, am I right in thinking that I’ll spawn in Lorville and not back at Port Olisar? Even though I didn’t log out from a ship or Hab bed? Is there even a way to get into one of those hab units?

Assuming I do start my next session in Lorville, when I go call up my ship will I have access to all of them, or just to the Hornet I arrived in? I understood that in the final game form, your ships wont all magically follow you around the universe - you’ll need to arrange to move them from place to another. Is that the same in these alpha test releases?

And lastly, a technical question. I completely forgot do the r_displayinfo thing, so cant be sure about fps values. It visually look very good to me. What I do last night though was have the Windows Task Manager summary view open because I wanted to keep an eye on the CPU load. (It was fine.) From that, I noticed my GPU (a GTX 1070) went through some extreme loads though, frequently peaking at 99% or 100%. It sat at 99% for the entire duration of my QT flight from Olisar to Hurston - some 10+ minutes in the Hornet. I noticed that it’s especially high when in cockpit view, and, bizarrely when I am on the Main Menu screen as well. Is this normal? And is stressing my card at 99% for extended periods of QT flight potentially damaging? Is there anything that I could do to perhaps smooth it out and lower the load on the GPU a little?