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Doubtful. At most, probably a small discount on a couple of bundled ships - “Buy these 3 Origin ships in this Anniversary Bundle and save $10” type things. There will also probably be a small reduction in Starter Ship Packages for the duration of the Anniversary/Free Fly week. But “Huge Black Friday Discounts Now On” type sales? I don’t think so. (I’d love to be wrong though - I have $30 in store credit sitting in my account - I’d happily use it on a ship worth twice that if I could :slight_smile: )


Like @GregRedd says, they may offer discounted starter packages. Keep an eye on the website for announcements.


So, assuming you landed in a hangar and not in some random spot outside the city, you should spawn at Hurston again. Having said that, CIG pushed yet another patch to live last night, so your progress may have been wiped.

Yes and no. Any ship that you haven’t spawned and flown is accessible from anywhere. If however you take a ship, land it, and it goes into storage, it is seen as being “at” that location. So if your Hornet is stored at Lorville and you then fly an Aurora to Grim Hex, you won’t be able to retrieve the Hornet at Grim; you’ll need to log an insurance claim which will give you a default version of the ship back. So with some caveats, you can access any ship anywhere at anytime in the alpha.

The high GPU loads are pretty normal now that the game actually uses your hardware properly. You should be fine, but if you prefer slightly less load, you could turn on vsync to cap at your monitor refresh rate. I assume nVidia also have some tech built into their drivers that allow you to cap framerates on a per-game basis; AMD certainly does.


As @Sweepslag said 100% GPU usage is fine - the problem would be if your temps got too high, but in that case your card would lower its frequencies to keep under the threshold. If your card has a decent cooler then temp won’t be an issue either.

As to why the main menu maxes out the card, that’s probably because it’s rendering 100s of FPS a second. Putting an FPS cap on or V-sync will prevent that.


Exactly right. You can actually see it in my main menu video.


Legends. Thanks. To Hurston I go. But before I do… I heard/read that there were some 7 or so new “Truck stop” stations somewhere? What are they called, how do I find them?


I know where you can find at least one. Haven’t visited the others yet.


Heck, I saw those markers. Even went one and saw the asteroids. Assumed they were little asteroid pockets for miners. Never noticed a rest stop :man_facepalming:. Are asteroids even mineable at the moment?


Very neat support page for all things Free Fly Week has gone up on the RSI site. From what I can figure out, it all gets underway Friday at 8AM PST which is 6PM for us in SA. Also, everyone gets a Cutlass Black to use for the entire week, so everyone should be able to get from Port Olisar to Lorville on Hurston, where all the daily Free Fly ships will be.


Not the big ones, no. There are minable asteroids scattered among the fields surrounding Delamar and Yela.


That’s a really neat guide! Thanks for posting it. Looks like we’re getting ship rentals for the event!


This is such a cool way to do it!


I see the Star Citizen website is down - so it will be a bit longer until I can give the game a go.


Yeah, everyone is frantically trying to log in to access the free fly, which went live at 18:00 our time. Give it a few hours or try again tomorrow.

EDIT: Site is back up for me and login is working again.


Time to start the download then, may even get a chance before the night is done


By the way, I’ve added a few more tutorial videos. Hope they prove useful.



Anyone make it to the Expo yet?


What is the penalty for dying?


Since the game is in alpha, and all progress gets wiped with every major patch, dying has effectively no penalty atm. You simply respawn at your last known landing location and then continue playing.

To understand how it is planned to work long term, you need to read this: