Star Citizen




So obvious. :man_facepalming:

Still have to go check out your 2nd batch. Will let you know if I think of anything else after that.


This is easily of the best fan-made videos I’ve seen so far:


Holy crap, Maverick! I’ve got “Goose”-bumps all over.


Hmmmm. Cheddar.


3.4 has gone to the Evocati. Initial patch notes here.


‪What happens when a #StarCitizen org tasks a filmmaker & a pro voice artist to make their recruitment video? ‬

‪This epicness happens - Flex: Danger for Hire - Org Recruitment Cinematic‬


Epic! I love the shaky-cam feel.




I love the flames in your ‘rocket’ things.


aka ‘engines’?


I don’t know what they call them in the game. Engines it is :slight_smile:


“Thruster pods” would probably be the most accurate. The engine itself is buried somewhere inside the hull.


Last, but not least…


Epic multiplayer session involving three citizens, a Tumbril Cyclone buggy, and a Hammerhead corvette.



Man I hate to think how much I would have to upgrade my computer to be able to play this game.


Maybe not as much as you think. What are your specs?


No comment needed.


Love the ‘ash’ stuff floating around, and the lights in the building.