Star Citizen



Anything in that area mineable, do you know? I’d think that finding and mining a decent deposit in that sort of environment, while tough, could be potentially very lucrative.


Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention that I eventually got to check out the rest of your mini-tutorial videos (nice work all round) and noticed that your title and description for #7 is odd. You indicate that it’s about the Vehicle Manager App, but the clip covers the Main Menu options only.


No idea; I unfortunately don’t have a Prospector to try it out. we can currently only mine surface rocks, after all.

You sure? I just checked and it seems fine to me.


Okay, so that’s weird. When I watched it a few days ago I was definitely watching the Main Menu clip while the Vehicle Manager clip info was showing. I watched them all in the Playlist so it may have just glitched back to video 2 while the description moved onto video 7. Most odd. Just rechecked now, and it’s 100% perfect, so really don’t know what happened. Sorry for startling you :expressionless:


No worries. :grin: Hopefully someone finds those clips useful.



3.4 has hit the PTU! Huge list of bug fixes, some of which are long overdue. Should be a good patch for QoL improvement.


So Live before Christmas? Speaking of which, you see this little teaser from Sandi?


It will be live by about the 21st; CIG are going on holiday after that.

As for the tweet; they’ve apparently added special delivery missions where the the box looks like a big Christmas present.


Another brilliant in-game shot by Anrayan showing off the new Outlaw Butcher helmet and Clash armor.


Big things happening, folks. The Squadron 42 roadmap has been published. Looks like a target release date of Q3 or Q4 2020.


CIG have also published their financials for the past few years on their corporate website.


Holy crap! So much info all over the place! Roadmap, Chairmans Letter, news about the new investors, and a huge amount of data in that Financials report too.


Alpha 3.4 is live! Patch notes here:


Also, it seems South Africa are finally on the map as regards our involvement in the game.


Imagine if we could get Keith on here to join you guys :slight_smile: That would be crazy.


Truth is, I know nothing about the Calders. Didn’t even recognize the name when I read the announcement.


I’ve had a nagging background feeling that Chris Roberts either has old family or friend connections or personal interests in South/Southern Africa. Nothing really specific, just odd quotes and references and little pointers every now and then over the years. It’s a weird shower thought I suppose.

Probably all stems from when I discovered my first obviously South African character in a game (or game-based movie I suppose), Joseph “Knight” Khumalo, way back in Wing Commander. I vividly remember getting a thrill out of seeing his name a character for the first time:



Calder Snr.’s story and the history of Zomba and Jive Records is interesting. Selling the record company to Bertlesmann for $2.7 billion in 2002 makes him one of the richest 500 people in the world. Not bad for a boykie who grew up in the mean streets of Louis Botha Avenue!

That said, Senior is now in his 70s and enjoying his golden years in the Caymans. I’m sure his son is the one that’ll be more involved in Star Citizen - he is more a Roberts contemporary age wise, and they have a lot more in common through their movie interests.


Interesting! I remember Knight well from my WC1 days. It was nice seeing someone other than the stereotypical Tom Cruise Top Gun clones as pilots.