Star Citizen



Very cool tool for calculating dps and weapon accuracy.


It’s pretty dead over here when I’m gone, apparently. Anyhow, this was quite a fun and interesting play session.


This is really cool, the tech demo is starting to take shape. Looking very atmospheric.

Also, side note; the video could be made better when referring to your in-game character as yourself instead of, " my guy "



I try to catch up every 4 months or so on the game.


My guy was tired. I was fine.


was just trying to make a point of it being almost story like, or episodic. Overall, I thought the video was actually great, considering I don’t much like a South African accent.


Thanks. There was no attempt to try and do something story-like or remotely serious; we were just having fun and I recorded it.


Yeah I realise that, just making an observation.

Anyway, I rather enjoyed it.


Been quiet here for a while, presumably because everyone is bored with the current build and waiting for 3.5.
Anyway, CIG have created a series of tutorial videos for new players. Maybe someone will find these useful.


They stole your idea.


:grinning: I can hardly claim that; players have been making tutorial videos for ages, and will probably continue to do so. It does help though having an “official” source to refer people to. Hopefully they will keep these up to date as the game evolves. All of the flight stuff will be out of date when 3.5 drops.


Yeah interested to see how the new flight model will change. Or is there already information out about what it’s supposed to be like? I’ll be expecting some updates from you when the PTU version drops.


Consider it done! Last week’s RTV had a bunch of info about it. But I will certainly make my own analysis video once I get my hands on it.


Anyone up for some spelunking?


Alpha 3.5 was released to the Test Universe (Wave 1 backers at the moment) over the weekend. Big additions are the first iteration of the DNA character customizer and the female character model, the revised flight model, and ArcCorp and Area 18. I’m doing my usual holding off until it’s on the Live Server thing, but have been following some streams and watching threads over the weekend, and while still obviously very buggy in places, it looks fantastic.

Here’s a fan-made cinematic of Area 18:


The cityscape looks brilliant; I have yet to visit ArcCorp / Area 18 but the videos and screenshots look amazing.

I spent about 15 minutes yesterday playing around with the new flight model. It’s going to take a bit of getting used to but there are definitely things I like about it. I think it will offer much more scope for people to fly the way they want to. Will try to put a video together with my initial thoughts.


Geez, that looks amazing.


My first (very quick) flyover of the madness that is ArcCorp.


Also, you can now do this:


That’s brilliant. Only problem with it is now I’ll probably spend more time playing with customizing my character face than flying my ships. :slight_smile: