Star Citizen



Very cool tool for calculating dps and weapon accuracy.


It’s pretty dead over here when I’m gone, apparently. Anyhow, this was quite a fun and interesting play session.


This is really cool, the tech demo is starting to take shape. Looking very atmospheric.

Also, side note; the video could be made better when referring to your in-game character as yourself instead of, " my guy "



I try to catch up every 4 months or so on the game.


My guy was tired. I was fine.


was just trying to make a point of it being almost story like, or episodic. Overall, I thought the video was actually great, considering I don’t much like a South African accent.


Thanks. There was no attempt to try and do something story-like or remotely serious; we were just having fun and I recorded it.


Yeah I realise that, just making an observation.

Anyway, I rather enjoyed it.