The Official TV & TV Series Thread

I skipped watching everything from and including Capaldi’s last season, but I will probably try and watch this one. And I really like the kickback to the logo from Pertwee’s last season through to Baker #1’s second last season!


Only ever watched Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman. Kinda stopped watching a few episodes of the Peter Capaldi Doctor.

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I did like Capaldi as the Doctor, but I stopped watching when they (continued to) made Davros a Sith knockoff. They even stole Vader’s “look at you with my own eyes” line…

Tennant was brilliant

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I’m still amazed that it’s the 60th anniversary.


The Bear (Season 2)

FX - Hulu | 22 June

Remember the name!
A young chef from the fine dining world comes home to Chicago to run his family sandwich shop after a heartbreaking death in his family. A world away from what he’s used to, Carmy must balance the soul-crushing realities of small business ownership, his strong-willed and recalcitrant kitchen staff and his strained familial relationships, all while grappling with the impact of his brother’s suicide.

All 10 Season Two episodes stream from 22 June on Hulu.

Yes Chef!

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Based on a True Story

Peacock | 8 June

A dark comedic thriller, Based on a True Story is about a realtor, a former tennis star and a plumber who seize a unique opportunity to capitalize on America’s obsession with true crime.

It’s Kaley!

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Ooh cannot wait for that! The first season was brilliant.


Full Circle

HBO Max | 13 July

An investigation into a botched kidnapping uncovers long-held secrets connecting multiple characters and cultures in present day New York City.

Everything is connected. From director Steven Soderbergh, a new Max Original 6-episode limited series.

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Paramount+ | 1 September

Good Wife spin-off series that follows Elsbeth Tascioni, an unconventional attorney, that will give her singular point of view to make observations to catch criminals alongside the NYPD.

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Paramount+ | 1 September

Brilliant septuagenarian Madeline “Matty” Matlock decides to rejoin the workforce at a prestigious law firm where she uses her unassuming demeanor and wily tactics to win cases and expose corruption from within.

Love Kathy Bates - hope this is a solidly written show worthy of her talents.

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Apple TV+ | 28 June

Let them think they’re in control. Told in real time, Hijack is a tense thriller that follows the journey of a hijacked plane as it makes its way to London over a seven-hour flight, and as authorities on the ground scramble for answers.

Looking forward to this - you know how I like a good British thriller. Also interested to see how the seven hours of flight time play out in real time on the screen…


I’m A Virgo

Prime Video | 23 June

“I’m A Virgo” is a fantastical coming-of-age joyride about Cootie, a 13-foot-tall young Black man in Oakland, California. Having grown up hidden away, passing time on a diet of comic books and TV shows, he escapes to experience the beauty and contradictions of the real world. He forms friendships, finds love, navigates awkward situations, and encounters his idol, a real-life superhero named The Hero.

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Black Mirror (Season 6)

Netflix | 15 June

June 15th. We’re back in Black, with a hint of Red! The sixth season of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror returns with 5 ground-breaking new stories. The most unpredictable, unclassifiable and unexpected season yet - only on NETFLIX.
Twisted tales that span eras — and terrors — deliver a myriad of surprises in this game-changing anthology series’ most unpredictable season yet.

I know what I’m watching over the long weekend…


I started watching it yesterday during my isolation. Up to season 3 now and loving it!


All I a saying is they did a brilliant job with the last season of Ted Lasso

I want more, I know there will not be any more

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Agreed. Kid Redd and I watched the last episode last night as well and came to the same conclusion as you - want more, won’t get more. Hopefully there’s some decent spinoffs in the future - even if they’re shorter 6-8 episode mini-series things. Something around the Richmond Women’s Team could be good. Or Keeley’s PR company.

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I would honestly settle for anything. It has been one of the best shows in a long time.

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Jack Ryan (Season 4)

Prime Video | 30 June

The fourth and final season finds Jack Ryan on his most dangerous mission yet. As the new CIA Acting Deputy Director, Jack is tasked with unearthing internal corruption. As he investigates, Jack discovers the convergence of a drug cartel with a terrorist organization, ultimately revealing a conspiracy much closer to home and testing our hero’s belief in the system he has always fought to protect.

Convergence has begun. John Krasinski is back for The Final Season of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, arriving June 30 on Prime.

This will be the final season of Jack Ryan. The six episodes will release two per week on each of 30 June, 7 July, and 14 July.

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The Afterparty (Season 2)

Apple TV+ | 12 July

'Til death do us part. From Academy Award winners Chris Miller and Phil Lord, each episode of “The Afterparty” explores a different character’s account of one fateful evening, all told through the lens of popular film genres and unique visuals to match the storyteller’s perspective.

In season two, a wedding is ruined when the groom is murdered and every guest is a suspect. Detective Danner (Haddish) returns to help Aniq (Richardson) and Zoë (Chao) solve whodunnit by questioning family members, star-crossed lovers and business partners, and hearing each suspect’s retelling of the weekend, each with their own unique perspective and visual style.

Season two will introduce new film genres and an expanded cast of characters played by Elizabeth Perkins, Zach Woods, Paul Walter Hauser, Poppy Liu, Anna Konkle, Jack Whitehall, Vivian Wu, John Cho and Ken Jeong.

The Witcher: Season 3 Volume 1

Netflix | 29 June

Chaos is coming.
Destiny brought them together. Dangerous forces are trying to tear them apart. Geralt and Yennefer fight to keep Ciri safe as war brews on the Continent.

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