Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse (local dev game)


Even more good news about this game, it is available as a Play Anywhere title for Xbox and PC.

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I like the old SABC TV test pattern in the trailer. Brings back memories from when I got home from school one day and we had a TV in the house! We stared at that test pattern for hours until 6pm when the first programs started.

Was quite the change from listening to the radio every night instead.

Wow, I didn’t even know Matt was working on games these days. Last I saw him he was making Lumia apps.

Nicely done!

Wait, we have Steam embeds? This is officially the coolest forum software ever.


It supports embedding pretty much everything.

Like, YouTube (arguably a better trailer than the one in the OP)


Even straight MP4’s

Just examples of course :wink:


Hey welcome @roguemat! It’s good to see you here.

Also, congrats on the game! Very impressive.

Yo! Long time no see, glad to see you still around :slight_smile:

Time flies. It’s crazy really.

Welcome @roguemat - this is why I wanted you to link vids :stuck_out_tongue:
Soli - this one I think will be fun as one of our multiplayers dont you think?


I feel a bit out of the loop here. Who is Mat?

Whew, I’ve known Mat for a long time now and I can’t remember from where exactly.

He has always been in the Microsoft development space and I’ve always made use of MS technologies.

I think @Wyvern has the right idea here. We can definitely play this as one of our games for the multiplayer evenings and we’ll be supporting a local developer at the same time.

@roguemat, if you give away a free game in a competition here at MEW then I will match it and buy a copy to give away. What do you think? (look how sneaky I am in trying to give away two games)

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< Matt is this guy. Used to make Windows apps (bidorbuy, Plex, Supersport, dstv, etc.), got bored, made a game (for 3 years now!).

@Solitude :smiley: deal :+1:



Thanks! I will create a competition page tomorrow.

@SIGSTART we have our first big giveaway at our new community! :smiley:

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Oh noes! I read now that it’s only couch co-op and not online multiplayer yet so we won’t be able to use it for our multiplayer evenings. @Wyvern

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww dammit :frowning: Oy @roguemat - please fix that :stuck_out_tongue:




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Hey gamedev plz quickly add netcode. And make world peace. Kthx.


From @DieGrootHammer’s explanation of his commute, I think we might be in the same area. We could stream some couch co-op one evening, work schedules permitting?