WARNING: Twelfth Night approaches

As per Christmas tradition, solstice decorations will be removed from the forum on the Twelfth Night after 25 December. For safety’s sake, let’s call that 2020-01-05T14:00:00Z, though it may be as late as Monday evening.

Everyone who has a Santa as the flair on their avatar, please select a faction (Rhino or Cat) before then, or the fates will choose for you.

(In this context, “The Fates” is me :innocent:.)

To choose a faction, you must simply join its group. Do not try to join both factions or The Fates (still me) will not be pleased.

You can join the group by clicking on their links above and then clicking “Join”, or by going to the list of Groups and navigating from there. The list of Groups may be found on the hamburger menu in the top right, or from the previous link.

Remember to also leave the “Ho! Ho! Ho!” group. It’s not going anywhere, so you’ll be able to join it again in December.


Question. The 2 groups what are they about?

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ITs a simple thing, we cannot make up our minds. . .


It has happened. Twelfth night has come and gone, and our beautiful festive decorations had to be taken down until December rolls around again.

Many people did not leave the Santa group, so I have removed you.

Since it is a manual process, I may have used the opportunity to “customise” your profiles a little while I was in there to make changes. It’s nothing y’all can’t undo yourselves if you so wish :wink:.

Thank you for hanging out over the silly season and New Year’s. May the year ahead be full of love, laughter, and epic win.