What are you playing now?

Fully into Last Epoch, enjoying the end game and the new trade factions.

Finished Maneater again this time on gamepass, probably my favorite game ever by now. Too bad for some reason it was a bit stutter-y on gamepass, both Epic an Steam versions ran fine, but the gamepass version stuttered a bit, wonder if it is because I am now on a Radeon GPU, as I played those other versions when I still had my Nvidia GPU, was still more than playable though.

Tried Indivisible, combat was a bit too needlessly complicated for my tiny brain, so I gave it a pass.

Tried Dakar Rally on Epic, apparently the devs broke the way the vehicles work with keyboard controls and then proceeded to abandon the game by no longer releasing updates, so gave that game a pass as well, it also crashed twice before i really got to race, which should have been enough warning

Now installing Boltgun on gamepass, hope its good.


I give up on Tyranny. Started it over a year ago and stopped because of Diablo IV releasing. Then I tried it again a couple of times but it’s so difficult to get back into a game like that after you stopped. So I give up. Will try it again in the future maybe.

Now I’m playing:
Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition - XBox
Age of Wonders III - PC


Mostly starfield.
Bit of terra nil & fm24.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky

Final Fantasy 16
Elden Ring




Stopped playing Last Epoch when it became evident there is a real skill cap: if you can’t dodge out of the bad stuff in time you are dead, no matter what you have for items or build. Same happened in D4.

I know I did not want to play Skull and bones but a rented it for R350 for a month just to see. It ends up that you can play the good pirate (mostly). I refuse to just kill and rob anything. There are times you can actually get money and experience by helping ships stuck at sea. I only shoot things that shoot first or warships if they are shooting at something else. Unfortunately the main story has some looting and pillaging but I will just turn a blind eye to that. Progression is a lot slower this way since I have to gather the resources from resource nodes rather than easily stealing it but hey: this is how I want to play!

Also downloading starfield again. Want to give it another run through months after the last one.


Tried Starfield again, couldn’t hold on to it. Played Skull and Bones for a little while, got bored. I stared at the week long stay at home holiday I had and sprung the R1k for Horizon: Forbidden West.

Amazing game, runs so smoothly, looks so beautiful. Love the story. Good buy. It will take me through my week and then some :wink:


And finished it… Just 2 months after I said it was going to be done (I did have a bunch of non-gaming things going on though).

Also finally finished Deadpool. This was my 3rd or 4th attempt. First couple of times I either got bored or stuck (kept dying) and this time, all my previous saves were lost so had to start from scratch. This time, with a trainer though and good thing too. Game was frustrating enough with it and I would have hated the game without it.

Also tried Resident Evil 2, but I didn’t really care for it. Also tried Resident Evil 3 but still undecided if I’m interested in it or not.

For now, I’m considering starting either Dying Light 2 or Metal Gear Solid 5 TPP.


I finally finished Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition. Some parts of the game were great. Others I hated. I hope they fixed the annoying parts for the second game. Took around 80 hours for this playthrough so will focus on some shorter games for a while.

First up Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection - 1 Drake’s Fortune. Will start with the first one and see from there.


Finished Resident Evil 3 and now retrying RE 2.

After that I’ll try Metal Gear Rising.

Dying Light 2’s system requirements are insane. Just on normal high settings, there is a delay between moving the mouse or controller and something happening on the screen. Not really playable. Will have to mess around with the settings until it becomes playable.


I want to love these.

Why don’t you? Do you prefer the originals? I like the remakes, especially 2.

I’ve gotten back to Control. Finished the Foundation DLC and am playing the Alan Wake one now. It’s interesting, I like it! Gameplay still has issues but it’s better now that I’m powered up.

It took me a while to get into them. Now I’m actually looking forward to RE4 to hit Gamepass. I’m typically not a fan of zombie games except maybe for Dying Light and Dead Rising.

I did find it easier to get into RE3 than RE2 (Jill helped) but it turns out to have been a good order to play in since it seems that the characters in RE3 visited the police station before the characters in RE2.
Looks like I’ll have to do two playthroughs of RE2 though since it seem like different stories that complement each other.


After trying Diablo IV for a couple of hours, the slightly more realistic “horror” focus unsettles me a little bit. Maybe I just need to push through it to desensitise me a little bit, as the core gameplay loop scratches the old Diablo 2 itch for me.


Diablo IV (on my PC it runs fine but on my PS5 it get insane rubber banding lag - both plugged into same router, but at least I can play it now)
Kingdom Come Deliverance

Final Fantasy 16 NG+
Uncharted 4
Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The Division 2
Persona 3 Reload


Currently been sinking a lot of time into The Division 2 and its expansion, Warlords of New York.


I finished the first Uncharted and it was pretty good. Looking forward to the next one. The plan is to play an Uncharted game, then something else, then Uncharted again and so forth.

Next up is: Trüberbrook


Uncharted 2 is possibly my fave of the bunch, but UC4 is quite special too!

I’m alternating between:

Tekken 8
Armored Core 6
Fate: Samurai Remnant


84 Hours played on Horizon forbidden west. Finished the main campaign and still have the DLC to play. Going to take a little break from it. It has been a great way to relax in my week of leave ;-). That is around R12 an hour for entertainment, pretty good value for money.

Next up: will give Guardians of the Galaxy a go.


I finished Trüberbrook and it was really bad. It’s pretty but everything else is just below average. Story and puzzle design were especially poor.

Next up:
Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection - 2 Among Thieves