What are you playing now?

Knowing the guy it is more the Western thing, and RDR is not what he wants lol he found it to slow

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You’re thinking of Desperados there. The Call of Juarez games are FPS’s.

@Wyvern have a look at Evil West. It might meet the requirements of fast paced action in a Western theme (plus vampires :laughing:)


Thank you! Recommendations retracted!

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D4 Season 4. Really enjoying it… again. I do realise it will not last. There is only so many characters I can play and have played, before I get tired of it… again.

V-Rising, game came a long way since early access I feel, me and my friends are playing it and we are almost “done” no PVP, so we changed some of the settings of the server for the sake of QoL.

Diablo 4, running sorcerer this time, also taking it a lot easier this time, just relaxing and going through the game at my own pace.

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I have a few games on the go but the one I keep finding myself playing is Have a Nice Death via Game Pass. It’s a fun rogue-lite platformer. Tight controls, fun weapon combos and upgrades, and challenging boss fights. All wrapped in a darkly humorous setting.

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