What are you playing now?



Enjoy it guys - it takes a while to get into it but it definitely is a rewarding experience. The game stayed with me long after I had completed it.


If I’m not working over the weekend, then I’m currently alternating between Shadow of War and Fallout 4 (the complete edition with all the DLCs).

I find the over-the-top mindless violence in SoW and the settlement building in Fallout to be a good way to escape from work and not think about anything. After these Mordor games, I might actually consider watching the Hobbit and LotR movies.



Final Fantasy XV
Yakuza 0
For Honor

Fallout Shelter


Xbox One X:
Forza Horizon 3

Pillars of Eternity
Oxygen Not Included

Elite Dangerous


Xbox one X

The Division (im over it, the ai is pretty shit, if i shoot someone 5 times in the head or even 10 times he should be dead, but apparently not, you get shot 2 or 3 times however then you die)

Forza 6 (porsche Career mode)


The bullet sponge aspect of the enemies is what annoyed me about the Division as well. I feel that might be the main reason why i might give Division 2 a skip.


It’s supposed to be like that. In other loot grindy games like Diablo 3 it’s down to the power of your weapons or skills, not where you hit or shoot the enemy. Destiny 2 is something different though, but even there headshots aren’t always instakill.


Yeah Division is trying to be an RPG above all else. Headshots are crits but will not mean instakill. It can be a bit strange when you’re playing it, but once it clicks it makes sense.


Added the following to my list:
NFS Payback
ME: Andromeda
Mafia 3

Always on PC


Doing Horizon again currently.


Half-Life: Opposing Force


Firewatch - really enjoying the experience


Decided to give the MMOs a break and playing Endless Space 2. I do not play 4x games usually but this one seems to have a story to it. Besides I just had to buy SOMETHING when the sales were on


F1 2017
Forza 7

PUBG :chicken: :plate_with_cutlery:


the Technomancer

a damn fine game, its like a cross between Dragon Age and Mass Effect on Mars.

I think the devs had limited resources because it is a bit rough around the edges, but it really is excellent.


Xbox One X

Forza 6 (Porsche Career Mode)

PS2 Yes i still have one

Capcom classics collection (specifically 1943 in there)


Mappy (emulated)


I wanted to like this game so much. I tried playing it on PC and PS4. I’m a fan of the studio. They are known for their budget RPG games, but I couldn’t do this one. The combat is just so terrible it turned me off completely. The world and the idea of the technomancers is still cool though.

Uncharted 4
Yakuza 0

Fallout New Vegas

Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Stardew Valley


Oh, I find the combat awesome. Lots of cool acrobatic dodging, spells and cinematic slowmo when you land criticals. Giving your party basic orders ala Dragon Age works well too.
When you are low level combat is damn hard though.


We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. The combat is hard because it is unbalanced and terrible. :stuck_out_tongue:


All I hear is " The combat is unbalanced and terrible, change my mind" :smiley:

all righty then, I will make a video!