What are you playing now?



LOL. Trust me. You won’t be able to change my mind. I’ve given the game two proper chances. I didn’t play for 10 minutes and decided to quit. I put about 15 hours into the game across PC and PS4 together. I also played most of the other games by Spiders that had somewhat similar, but better combat. Finished Bound by Flame on PS4 and PC, played Mars War Logs on PS3 and PC, etc.


did a vid anyway :smiley:

playing as a rogue so plenty rolly polly going on


The weekend saw me spent some quality game time, and I played:

On PC: Cities Skylines.
I have gotten rather addicted to this game. After reading many tips and tricks, and doing some research, I finally managed to build a city I am super proud of. I managed to get more than 100k population, with everything, including traffic, well under control, and managed to build 2 of the monuments. All with a game where money is not infinite.

On Xbox One: ReCore
I installed ReCore as it is part of Game Pass. And I have to say, I am really enjoying the game! Like really a lot. I don’t know why more people are not playing this. Such a sleeper hit. The combat and crafting mechanic is great, and this colour matching rifle thing makes every encouter both challenging and varied

On Switch: Minecraft
Yes I got back into Minecraft. I haven’t played the game in years, and I must say, playing it on Switch is a revelation.


World of warcraft after 8 years not playing it.

Trying to recapture some of the glory days and wonder at the genre.

Succeeding to a degree


Xbox One X

Ryse son of Rome (damn pretty for a 5 year old game)

Xbox 360

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Round


Fallout 4
Fallout Shelter

Uncharted 4
Yakuza Kiwami
The Witcher 3


After not playing it for a really long time, i started playing skyforge again, damn it has changed, still quite fun, bit of a twist over normal mmos, not a lot, but just enough to keep me entertained and wanting to play.


At the moment I’m pushing f1 2017 pretty hard


On PC:
No Man’s Sky

On Xbox One:
Dirt 4
F1 2016
Project Cars 2
Forza Motorsport 7


Transistor (PC)

  • Beyond Two Souls (PS4)

*currently stuck in garage trying to get the damn cooking oil


Lots of racing I see… Me likes.


Lol yeah, I recently got a wheel and I’ve been testing it out and getting to grips (ehe) with it.


Fallout shelter;

AC - Origins (OMW this game is even prettier than Blackflag!)


The Witcher 3
Deep Rock Galactic


Xbox One X

The Crew
for some reason Forza Horizon 3 keeps crashing after the loading screen, its been like that since the last update and i really dont feel like downloading a 50+ gig game again to fix it


That’s messed up. Luckily I haven’t had a problem yet with any games crashing on the XBox.


Titan Quest
Fallout 4
Witcher 3

Yakuza Kiwami
Destiny 2


Checking out the Minecraft 1.13 update

Nothing really, might hop onto Ni No Kuni II again to finish the end game content. I hear there’s a free DLC coming out updating the end game levels



for the first time in ages nothing

F1 2017

Forza 7
Assasins creed
Tomb Raider


Found a new early dev game called SurvIsland. I am hopeful…