What are you playing now?



World of Tanks (PC)

Actually played so much of this on Saturday, that I dreamt World of Tanks Sunday night, making for very poor sleep. Kept waking up. This has only happened to me once before when I was playing a lot of XCOM.

World of Warcraft (PC) [Never had the opportunity to experience an expansion from the start, always joined in the middle or at the end, so keen on trying this at least once]


I’ve only been playing No Mans Sky on PC lately


Xbox One X

Forza 5 (trying to finish the last of the career mode to get to driver level 150)
Forza 6 (Porsche Career mode)
Life is strange (not my type of game but i actually enjoy playing this)

wolfenstein the new order (preparing myself for Wolfenstein the old blood i bought on the xbox one X)


F1 2017
F1 2017
F1 2017

Grinding to finish the season in time for F1 2018.

Then its onto F1 2018 and Dakar 18. I honestly dont know where I will find the time for two games


The Surge - PC
Pneuma - Breath of Life - XBox One

Plus some other games off and on.


To Add

Assasins Creed Syndicate (my favourite in the series)
F1 2017

Hearthstone - add me Snowbeast #21532


Going to give Hunt: Showdown a try as it is free on Steam for the weekend: Link


Finished Batman Arkham City.
Next: Batman Arkham Origins

This month is still hectic with work so I only play like one day on a weekend. Working rest of the time.


CS GO, division and pubg. I’ll picking up overcooked 2 soon, so lots of co-op gaming incoming.


I’m on an MMO trek these days. Jumping between Guild Wars 2 and The Division currently, with some Horizon Zero Dawn thrown in for good measure…


Also on MMO gw2 atm trying not to spend more money on games atm. also its simple to get into and log out when ever.


Yeah I’m even considering grabbing ESO for the PS4 just purely for the fact that I work 9-10 hours a day on a PC and find that console gaming de-stresses me a lot more. At just over R200 for the base game + Morrowind it seems like good value. I’m just not sure how an MMO will play on a console…


Well I finally finished Transistor for the gameclub.


Xbone X
Life is Strange (im on Episode 2 Now)
Mirrors Edge Catalyst
Sleeping Dogs : Definitive Edition


Babysitting Simulator 2018: Real Life Edition


Congrats @FarligOpptreden!


It comes with quite a few bugs and glitches, and they are taking forever to patch them out! Even so it can be quite enjoyable at times

  • After shut down, it will often power up again without any external input, so getting it recharged can be a very big hassle
  • The RNG for the pooping system is very unpredictable
  • Coitus has been nerfed hard after the last birth 1.0 patch

Also, congrats @FarligOpptreden!


Dead Cells
Stardew Valley
South Park: Fractured But Whole


At the moment I am only playing two games:

Stardew Valley on Switch, and F1 2016 on Xbox One.

But I have a strange craving to play Deus Ex. Maybe I should try it with some of the conversion mods.


Played a bit of Fear the Wolves. So much of S.T.A.L.K.E.R vibes in it. Game has so much potential I think. Will play a bit more, but I see many people are complaining about the game