What are you playing now?




Darkest Dungeon
Rainbow Six Siege


Breath of the Wild


No Mans Sky


Zelda has completely drawn me in again. I love that game so much. It slowly but surely moving into my number 1 position for favorite game ever.


It is an absolutely amazing game indeed


Mad Max

Split Second

Split Second

Mad Max is incredible, a flipping wonderful adventure. Its Arkham Desert Edition with car combat.

Split Second is also a great fun racer, love the simplicity and ridiculous drifting mechanics mixed with mass destruction.


Why not hold out on Mad Max for the potential GameClub in September?


Ah good idea!
I will totally do that, didn’t realise it was coming up.
Thankfully Im not far in the game at all.


Since the new DOOM anouncement i played DOOM 2016 again, this time got all the secrets

Also playing the DOOM multiplayer which is really fun

And since quake champions went f2p, i am playing that aswell, SA servers which is awesome
But needs more players. Cmon people :smiley:

Playing these games are so nice, feels like it has been so long since i played some good fps multiplayer games.


Finished Batman Arkham Origins (properly this time).
It was actually not a bad game. I think most of the issues with the game back when it was released were the bugs. I had some glitches here and there but wasn’t a bad game in general.


Just Finished Life is Strange. Started Quantum Break now.
Also playing some Dead Cells on the side, this game is awesome again after 1.0 launch.
MP I’m playing PUBG and NMS.


I’m supposed to be playing Transistor but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. So instead i’m playing Not Tonight. Pretty fun little game. Looking forward to seeing how intense it gets later on.


Elder Scrolls Online on PS4. The bug has bitten me and it’s amazing how well an MMO can function on a console. I’m playing it pretty much solo - I started off in Morrowind and it’s bringing back loads of memories from the official Morrowind game back in the day.


Xbox One X

Mirrors Edge Catalyst
Sleeping Dogs : Definitive Edition

Xbox 360

Tomb Raider Anniversary (this is now the third time i’ve bought this game on a different platform)


Xenoblade chronicles

PS3 (yes i didnt fix the old one, i cheated and bought another one)

Killzone 2 (the controls has reminded me again why i hate fps titles with the ps controller)


Tyranny, pc.


Gran Turismo Sport - PS4


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate - XBox
The Surge - PC


The Surge
Titan Quest
Witcher 3

MIddle Earth: Shadow of War
No Man’s Sky

Stardew Valley

While I’m currently busy with all these I’m not actually playing much of any of them. I’m kind of stuck in a gaming rut at the moment. I play something for a couple of minutes then I’m over it. I think I need a new game. If only I had the money to get Yakuza Kiwami 2 today.


When i get into a gaming rut i tend to break away from gaming and watch TV shows or movies. I found that by doing this after a while I’ll get bored of the movies etc and then I’ll want to play games again.


I am sort of doing that. Since I’m currently unemployed I spend my days mostly playing guitar while watching TV. I’ll put a random movie on and not really pay it much attention but instead focus on exercising my hands. Then usually only around 17:00 or so I’ll start playing something. Sometimes I’ll get stuck in and enjoy but lately I get over it very quickly.

Maybe I should take a look at the old backlog and try something. The Yakuza FOMO does have me though and Spider-Man is out soon as well.

I guess I could say I’m playing guitar now on the IRL platform. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bloodborne. One trophy away from Plat.

But the Chalice Dungeons are no walk in the park, jeez!


Mainly The Witcher 3 - I’ll soon be travelling to the Skellige Isles.