What are you playing now?



Skellige was the region I enjoyed the least. All those treasures in the water drove me insane. I stopped visiting eventually so I don’t have to face all those uncleared markers on the map… Toussant was gorgeous, but that’s only in the DLC (which you’d be crazy not to own).


Lol. Skellige is my favourite place (apart from Toussaint) . I love just exploring there. Yeah the sunken treasures are a handful but dismantling all of those help a lot for crafting Witcher gear and upgrades.

On my current playthrough I am doing Skellige first (there now) before going to Novigrad and then lastly Velen. Just decided to do things out of the normal pattern.


I’m considering popping through to Kaer Morhen to grab the Witcher Gear there before forging ahead with the storyline. This game has sooo much to do… it’s awesome!


Have the GOTY edition so I’m sorted!


Man, I’m super jealous of you for being able to experience it all for the first time. It’s the first game I’ve ever played that I just wandered around aimlessly after the conclusion to the main story, not wanting it to end. I finished off all the side quests first before finishing the main quest. I’m just mad that I got into Gwent quite late and realised I missed out on 2 cards in order to get the achievement(s?) associated with it.

I’m of opinion that Hearts of Stone (first DLC) was by far the best story in the game. It’s the one that had the most emotional impact for me. The love triangle was also heart-wrenching for me to figure out, as I really struggled to choose a side. The one that I had to let go eventually left me with such regret at the end, even though I knew I made the right choice (for me, that is).

This game left me with so many great memories that I’ll cherish for years to come. I hope Cyberpunk 2077 has the same impact, but I’m concerned that it seems more “gung-ho” than the gritty, tragic atmosphere portrayed in Geralt of Rivia’s story.


I have played about 5 minutes of The Witcher 3. I feel that I should give it another fair chance


Definitely do that.


And I am stuck in Ark Survival Evolved again, online this time. Game is also know as “Get Raped When You Are Not Around”.


Quake Champions
Dead Cells
Graveyard Keeper


Xbox One X
Forza Horizon 3 (yes i had to download the whole damn game again to get it to launch)

Last Story
Pandora’s tower

Denkgeki bunko fighting climax (i think thats how u spell it, a fighting game made by Sega that looks like it was made by arc system works)


Started playing Torchlight II again. Think the announcement of the new one made me remember I never finished. At first I played with the most popular mods enabled but couldn’t find a class that felt right and the game was a bit too busy for me. Got rid of the mods and now I’m actually enjoying it.


Playing a Solar 2 a bit. Will start Mad Max after my exams Tuesday


Quake Champions and Two Point Hospital. Mostly Quake Champions.


I have a huge problem. I am completely addicted to F1 2018. Haven’t played anything else since getting the game.


I havent had a chance to play further than one race in career mode. how is it down the line?


Still playing world of warcraft. Interestingly enough I am playing all the older content before the current expansion since I missed all of that.

I don’t care much for the gear hamster wheel at “end game”, In most MMOS I play the “end game” is exactly that for me: the time to end my playing of the game.


It’s pretty awesome! The additions to the game in terms of contract negotiations and the fact that the interviews influences your upgrade speed really does make the game very enjoyable and random. I’ve seen some crazy racing from the AI cars.


Hopefully I will get a go tonight. it seems way more polished


Spider-Man (PS4)